US Open Freestyle Preview


The US Open will be going on from April 27th to May 1st. Some of the USA’s top men and women have decided to not attend leaving a couple weights up for grabs here. Let’s just take a quick look at the men’s freestyle entries and what the match ups should be looking like.


None of the real big names that you are looking for are entered at this weight class but there should be a couple of good matches. Some of the guys that are here include Greg Diakomihalis, Jakob Camacho, and Sam Latona.


This weight class has a couple of hammers with Seth Gross, Nico Megaludis and Tyler Graff. Should be a pretty fun one to watch especially in the later rounds but it will most likely be Graff coming out on top unless Gross can pull it off.


A lot of solid guys here with Pat Lugo, Luke Pletcher, Evan Henderson, and Dean Heil. Looking at it Luke Pletcher or Pat Lugo maybe the guy here unless Henderson can use his length and finesse to take over the matches.


Really tough field here with Tyler Berger, Alec Pantaleo, and Jordan Oliver looking like the top 3 right now an Jacori Teemer possibly hunting to knock one of them off. Pantaleo would have to be the victor here most likely given the sheer horsepower he produces and also the track record against Oliver.


Really a small field at this weight class with a couple of guys such as Josh Shields, Tommy Gantt, Cam Amine, and Joey LaVallee. This is up in the air to be honest. Amine was very impressive with his 4th place finish at nationals but Gantt would somewhat be the guy here with his record already.


Probably the most stacked weight class of them all. Isaiah Martinez, Alex Dieringer, Evan Wick, David McFadden, and Chance Marsteller. This is going to be the weight class to watch and it is not even close. Dieringer would be the go to pick here just because the only people to beat him have been Burroughs and Dake.


Rough to see only a few entries here but there should be a good finals match between Mark Hall and Trent Hidlay. Money would have to be on Hall in this one given the recent performances.


Also only a few entries here but the final we should be looking at would be Mike Macchiavello vs Timothy Dudley. Macchiavello would most likely be the winner here without a problem.


More of a watered down field as well with a lot of the top guys choosing not to compete. Jay Aiello or Josef Rau seem to possibly be the guys that would take the title should they perform well.


Dom Bradley and Ty Walz are the veterans in this weight but a lot of new guys are looking to knock them off and more specifically Lucas Davison who had a very impressive showing at the NCAA Tournament. Bradley would be the projected champion with that being said.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
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