Bill Farrell Memorial International Open Recap


The Bill Farrell just concluded yesterday. The tournament was a little more watered down this year but there were some good matches.

Men’s Freestyle-

57kg- None of the real big names here at 57 but Zane Richards was your champion after the round robins as expected.

61kg- A couple notable names with Daniel DeShazer and Tyler Graff. DeShazer looked solid this tournament but the 2019 World Team member Tyler Graff was too much to handle in the finals. Graff was your 61kg Champion via fall.

65kg- Seth Gross, Ian Parker, Matt Kolodzik, and Dean Heil. This went somewhat how I assumed it was with Seth Gross pretty much cruising through it. Parker put up a solid match in the finals but Gross ultimately won 12-5.

70kg- Somewhat a battle between two guys here in Anthony Ashanult and Tyler Berger. Berger got the better of Ashnault this go around 6-6 on criteria. Very fun a match and should be cool to see them run it back.

74kg- Josh Shields did not have too much of a problem getting the win at this weight class until the finals where he won 5-2 over Joey Lavalle.

79kg- Chance Marstellar has jumped levels recently at it has been showing on the international level and domestically. He had no trouble what so ever here and capped off a fantastic tournament with a 6-0 victory over Tommy Gantt in the finals.

86kg- This weight class was just somewhat what is was with Martin not having the level of tier ones there that normally are. He had two matches and teched in both of them fairly easily to get the first place finish.

92kg- Well um Nick Reenan was the only man in the bracket. I am unsure to if he qualified for the world team trials already but now he did.

97kg- Just a large round robin here and Mike Macchiavello had no problem getting the win here along with Joe Rau getting the second place finish at this weight.

125kg- A three man bracket pretty much. The big match came down to Dom Bradley vs Hayden Zillmer in the round robin 3 which was essentially the finals. Zillmer was able to get the better of Bradley this go around 3-2 winning the title.

Women’s Freestyle-

50kg- Emily Shilson walked through this weight class pretty easily. Bounced back strong after a rough showing at the Rudis+ card.

53kg- Sage Mortimer was the only one in the bracket and won by default.

55kg- Two person bracket with Alisha Howk defeating SueAnne Harms in the finals 15-8.

57kg- No Contention

59kg- Xochitl Mota-Pettis had no trouble getting through this field as expected she teched Ronna Gross 10-0 in 42 seconds as Gross took second.

62kg- Amdrea Schlaback won by pin and tech in her two matches to win at 62kg.

65kg- Nina Makem dominated through the round robins with 2 techs and a pin.

68kg- No Contention

72kg- Aury Naylor was the only one in the bracket and won by default.

76kg- Precious Bell won by fall over Melissa Jacobs in 37 seconds to get the win at 76kg.

Greco Roman-

55kg- Max Nowry was the champion as expected with a tech and an 8-1 victory to take the title.

60kg- Dalton Roberts took out Ildar Hafizov in the finals 6-5 in a solid bout.

63kg- Sam Jones got through the tournament with all techs to take first.

67kg- Alejandro Sancho did what he was expected to do and dominated the tournament.

72kg- Pat Smith got it done fairly easily as expected.

77kg- Kamal Bey made his return and wow it was fun. He ended up falling just short to Jesse Porter in the semis 4-3 which was a wild bout where they both just sent it the entire time. RaVaugn Perkins was your champion as he defeated Jesse Porter 6-0 in the finals.

82kg- Ben Provisor took out Spencer Woods in the finals 2-1 to win.

87kg- Richard Carlson took out Alan Vera in the final round robin to take first place.

97kg- Nick Boykin turned it up with a 10-1 tech in the finals to dominate for first.

130kg- Tanner Farmer walked through the bracket with all techs no problem to take first.

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