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Real Woods Is Heading To Iowa


Real Woods just announced his transfer decision via an instagram post. He will be heading to Iowa City. This makes perfect sense along with what I said in the last post regarding Eierman leaving and the Hawkeyes needs a 141 pounder to help the program possibly get a shot at a national title this season.

Woods looked solid this year and going to Iowa may just be what he needs in order to push himself to the next level and cash in on that natty that he has been waiting for.

With Desanto and Eierman most likely joining the Hawkeye Wrestling Club this leaves Woods with 2 solid practice partners either way which will aid in his development while he is there.

In his post he essentially thanks his teammates, his coaches, and shows gratitude for the Stanford program and what they have been through and that rough path that they had to overcome.

As an outlook for Real Woods, as I said before Iowa or Penn State would have been the best team options in terms of winning a national title and he did just that. He is definitely number 1 at 141 in my eyes at this moment and I do not really know if anyone can stop him.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
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