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Matches To Watch This Weekend


This is going to be a great weekend of wrestling with multiple top 5 matchups going down. Here are all the big matches that you are going to want to see

Garrett Model vs Kendall Coleman (Sunday 4pm EST BTN)

Sam Latona vs Jakob Camacho (Friday 7pm EST ACC Network)

Greg Bulsak vs Cameron Caffey (Friday 6pm BTN)

Peyton Robb vs Garrett Model (Friday 8pm EST BTN)

Drake Ayala vs Malik Heinselman (Friday 8pm EST BTN)

Kyle Cochran vs DJ Washington (Friday 7pm EST BTN+)

Grant Willits vs Andrew Alirez (Friday 8pm EST FloWrestling)

Owen Pentz vs Yonger Bastida (Sunday 3pm EST ESPN+)

Michael Kemerer vs Ethan Smith (Friday 8pm BTN)

Clay Carlson vs Allan Hart (Saturday 3pm EST ESPN+)

Sammy Sasso vs Max Murin (Friday 8pm EST BTN)

Kyle Cochran vs Kaleb Romero (Sunday 1pm EST BTN)

Bryce Andonian vs Tariq Wilson (Friday 7pm EST ACC Network)

Greg Bulsak vs Patrick Brucki (Sunday 4pm EST BTN)

Roman Bravo-Young vs Rayvon Foley (Sunday 1pm EST BTN)

Max Dean vs Patrick Brucki (Friday 6pm EST BTN)

Roman Bravo-Young vs Dylan Ragusin (Friday 6pm EST BTN)

John Poznanski vs Myles Amine (Sunday 4pm EST BTN)

Nick Suriano vs Drew Hildebrandt (Friday 6pm EST BTN)

Rocky Elam vs Jake Woodley (Today 8pm EST Espn+)

Nick Lee vs Stevan Micic (Friday 6pm EST BTN)

Alex Marinelli vs Carson Kharchla (Friday 8pm BTN)

Peyton Robb vs Ryan Deakin (Sunday 3pm EST BTN)

Ridge Lovett vs Austin Gomez (Friday 8pm EST BTN+)

Anthony Valencia vs Evan Wick (Friday 10pm EST Pac 12 Network)

Mekhi Lewis vs Hayden Hidlay (Friday 7pm EST ACC Network)

Mason Parris vs Greg Kerkvliet (Friday 6pm EST BTN)

Aaron Brooks vs Myles Amine (Friday 6pm EST BTN)

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