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Minnesota vs Wisconsin Full Preview


#9 Wisconsin will be taking on #11 Minnesota tomorrow and it will be a good one. Should be a lot of good matchups along with some ranked battles.

When and where to watch: 1pm CST on BTN+

Full projected lineup and matchup preview.

125- #9 Patrick McKee vs #19 Eric Barnett

Honestly this match is much more of a toss up than it seems but looking by the way these guys have wrestled it only makes sense that McKee is the favorite. Barnett is dangerous however as we saw him against Schroder last season with that crazy fall. Should be an interesting matchup but the strength and explosiveness of Pat McKee should be able to get it done unless Eric Barnett can get it going.

133- Jake Gliva vs Kyle Burwick

One of the weaker matchups of the night but also one of the matchups that may have a big impact on the team score. Both of these guys fall around the 50ish range on wrestlestat and it should be a good match. Burwicks ability to put up points just outweighs Gliva in the slightest so it will be a close one for sure.

141- #20 Jake Bergeland vs Joseph Zargo

Bergeland coming off of a rough loss to Chad Red last night and Zargo is always dangerous so this should be a lot closer than expected. Bergeland just seems to be overall the better wrestler at this point so he probably has the edge here.

149- #30 Michael Blockhus #5 Austin Gomez

This is going to be a big one. Blockhus was leading on Ridge Lovett for a good portion of their match last night and came up short 6-2. He showed a lot of potential in this one and he is going to need to live up to that if he wants to have a chance against the veteran Austin Gomez. Bonus points maybe in the question here but Gomez is going to need to do something crazy for that to happen.

157- #4 Brayton Lee vs Garrett Model

With the way that Brayton Lee has been performing this season this could very well be a bonus point victory. Model has been solid for the Badgers for as long as he has been there. Lee is sometimes on and off but this season is undefeated so far and I do not really see any way that this changes here.

165- #23 Cael Carlson vs #8 DJ Hamiti 

Hamiti is one of the star freshmen coming onto the scene and is somewhat just overshadowed by some of the hammers at this weight class such as Keegan O’Toole and Evan Wick. Carlson in his own right is coming in hot, getting the starting spot at 165. Should be a fun match to watch but there is no real way that Hamiti does not take this one.

174- #20 Bailee O’Reilly vs #14 Andrew McNally

One of the bigger swing matches in this dual. Both of these guys have done some good things this season but in my opinion O’Reilley has been the slightest bit more impressive so I feel that he is the favorite.

184- #31 Isaiah Salazar vs Chris Weiler

Big match here as these guys fall very close to each other in the rankings. Seems like Salazar will be the favored wrestler but this is going to be a big match heading into the final bouts if Wisconsin wants to win.

197-  #30 Michial Foy vs #24 Braxton Amos

This match will be amazing. Both of these guys have been on the come up for a while now and Amos has only really dropped a handful of matches in his freshman campaign so this could be a big one to pick up as we head closer to the postseason

285- #1 Gable Steveson vs #8 Trent Hillger

This match is very big and not because of Gable Steveson wrestling but more because of the fact that if Steveson is going to pull a big pin which he has not done this season just yet here would be the place. Of course Hillger is a 3x All American and is smart so it will be interesting to see how this match turns out in turns of team scoring.

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