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Michigan Dual Recap And PSU Outlook


Michigan put on a show last night against the Buckeyes winning 8 out of 10 matches coming out on top 29-8. People had doubts on if they were a championship team and I don’t know if those can be completely squashed at this point but that is a very good scoreline heading into next week where they will face Penn State.

With recent developments with the Iowa Hawkeyes and them pulling 133 pounder Cullen Schriever’s redshirt and Spencer Lee being out it only opens the door up more for Michigan to jump to that number 2 or maybe even number 1 spot if they can put it together.

Full dual meet recap-

125- Nick Suriano MD Malik Heinselman 11-3

Suriano did what he had to do. Heinselman wrestled tough as usual just outmanned here so nothing crazy. Does not look like the weight cut is affecting him at all but that is something we will find out soon since he has to make the weight till March.

133- Dylan Ragusin MD Will Betancourt 14-5

Looks great compared to how he looked against McGee and looks like he could very well make a run for the podium this year if this is how he looks at the national tournament.

141- Stevan Micic Dec Dylan D’Emilio 12-7

Micic seems to be getting back on track which is great for Michigan but in general looked like he was running out of gas a bit giving up a couple unnecessary points.

149- Sammy Sasso Dec Cole Mattin 9-4

Sasso is not the biggest scorer out there but he did what he had to do. Controversial call on whether Mattin should have had two and that may have changed something.

157- Will Lewan Dec Jashon Hubbard 6-3

Nothing much to look at here pretty evenly matched up. Lewan did a good job at breaking the match open and holding on to secure the win.

165- Carson Kharchla TF Patrick Nolan 22-6 (6:30)

There is not too much to talk about this weight but All American Cameron Amine did not compete at 165 pounds so Michigan put out backup 149 pounder Patrick Nolan.

174- Logan Massa Dec Ethan Smith 10-4

Big win for Logan Massa to get back into the swing of things. Gonne needs just a bit more from him against Starocci if he wants a chance to redeem himself. First two periods were a bit off but came back in the third strong and won the match with a takedown plus backs.

184- Myles Amine Dec Kaleb Romero 3-1 SV

I take this more as a Kaleb Romero being very good than a Myles Amine being overrated. Ever since Romero made the move up to 184 he has looked like an absolute tank and it is interesting to see how the slickness of Amine matches up against that.

This being said Amine vs Brooks will be very telling on the 21st but no matter who wins that it should not mean too much heading into Big Tens and NCAAs since there is a lot of time left in the season to make changes.

197- Patrick Brucki Dec Gavin Hoffman 5-2

Brucki took care of business, Hoffman has been on the scene for a while and is experienced. Brucki did not dominate by any means but he controlled the match and was never really in a position where he might lose.

Looking forward to next week against Max Dean if Brucki can not get taken down he will have the best chance to win. Looking at how they have been performing now it is somewhat swinging in Dean’s favor.

285- Mason Parris Pin Tate Orndroff 2:21

There is not much to talk about here honestly. Yes Orndorff is an All American but he has always had trouble with small athletic guys and defending low attacks so this result was somewhat expected. His top game was phenomenal this match and it really showed.

Looking forward to next week he will have Greg Kerkvliet who is just as if not more athletic and can wrestle as well so it should be a fun exciting match.

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