Ferrari and Heindselman Throw Down After Dual


We have seen some very eventful dual meets this season such as Iowa vs Iowa St. Oklahoma vs Oklahoma St went down tonight and it was not any different. Oklahoma State Dominated the dual meet 31-3 with Oklahoma’s sole win coming at 285 in sudden victory. Along with this victory for Oklahoma State came a few other things including a nice fight between AJ Ferrari and Josh Heindselman after the dual meet had concluded.

Ferrari and Heindselman both won their matches tonight. Ferrari beat familiar foe Jake Woodley 5-3 in a tightly contested match as expected while Heindselman defeated Luke Surber in overtime for a minor upset. From the video displayed here what it looks like is some words were exchanged between the two and Heindselman proceeded to push Ferrari which caused them to all out brawl. After this Ferrari double legged Heindselman to the ground and got in a decent shot and things were broken up soon after. There seemed to be a couple of hits landed during this along with one of Ferrari’s teammates bringing Heindselman to the ground with him but nothing too crazy. John Smith recently released a statement on this matter and it is below.

“I went back and watched it on tape, and we didn’t start it, – I’ll just say that. I made sure we didn’t start it. There’s been a problem there in the past, but those things shouldn’t happen.” – John Smith

Overall looking at this it is hard to tell who said what to each other being that we only have the replay that they showed and it looks like Heindselman pushed first and Ferrari said something before hand. Will anything come of this fight, probably not I do not think that any of these wrestlers will face any discipline from their coaches or anything but with that being said the fights have been insane this season and they will definitely continue.

Dual Meet Results

149- Kaden Gfeller DEC Dom Demas 9-3

157- Wyatt Sheets DEC Justin Thomas 4-2 SV

165- Travis Wittlake DEC Joe Grelo 8-4

174- Dustin Plott MAJ DEC Anthony Mantanona 10-2

184- Dakota Geer DEC Darrien Roberts 8-2

197- AJ Ferrari DEC Jake Woodley 6-3

285 Josh Heindselman DEC Luke Surber 3-1 SV OT

125 Trevor Mastrogiovanni DEC Joey Prata 6-4

133 Daton Fix Fall over Anthony Madrigal 6:20

141 Carter Young DEC Jacob Butler 9-4

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