AJ Ferrari And Mason Parris To The WWE


Some big announcements in the college wrestling community today. National Champion AJ Ferrari and National Finalist Mason Parris have announced that they will be joining the first ever WWE NIL class. This is huge for the college athlete community but more specifically wrestling. We have had some of our biggest stars take the WWE route such as National Champion Brock Lesnar and Olympic Champion Kurt Angle.

Ferrari and Parris have been two of the best wrestlers in the country with AJ Ferrari making our p4p top 10 and Parris being an honorable mention. They will be joining Gable Steveson and 13 others in the program.

This program features some insane athletic specimens such as 7’0 400 lb John Krahn a football player from Portland State University along with Dalton Wagner a 6’9 330 lb football player from the University of Arkansas. Gable Steveson by far is the face of the group with his Olympic Gold Medal and it will be very interesting to see where all of these athletes end up.

“WWE’s NIL program was announced last week following the NCAA’s historic new policy that took effect on July 1, 2021, which has ushered in the NIL era, allowing college athletes the ability to monetize their name, image and likeness. The comprehensive program serves to recruit and develop potential future Superstars and further enhances WWE’s talent development process through collaborative partnerships with college athletes from diverse athletic backgrounds.” (WWE Official Website)

The WWE will also offer access to their training facility in Florida along with many more tools for helping these young athletes such as help with building their personal brand which has become huge due to the NIL rules being introduced.

There are not much more details at the moment but all can be found on the WWE website

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Akil Murugan
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