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Where Does Michigan Stand At This Point

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The Michigan Wolverines are seemingly the biggest threat to knocking off Iowa or Penn State which have been the two most dominant teams in college wrestling throughout the past decade. Where does Michigan stand after the Nick Suriano transfer? Let us take a look.

125 Pounds (Nick Suriano)

Nick Suriano is one of the most accomplished wrestlers in college at the moment being a 2x All American and that includes a second place finish and a National Title run in 2019 to become Rutgers first National Champion. We have all heard the news about the transfer so I will not go into depth about that but it is everything but confirmed that he is going 125. He is coming back for Spencer Lee, we know that. At the moment I have him at a top 2 finish assuming he gets past Pat Glory of Princeton which I think he will. Can he beat Spencer Lee is the big question. I would not look past it, he came back for one reason and that is to right his wrongs and beat Spencer Lee. He has one goal in mind so who knows how this will play out.

133 Pounds (Dylan Ragusin)

Another very solid guy for the Wolverines is Ragusin. He is bumping up into the 133 pound weight class and it seems to have lowered his performance a bit. Obviously not in the talks of winning at this point but I would say if the Wolverines want to be a genuine threat he is a guy that must be an All American.

141 Pounds (Stevan Micic)

By far the most decorated guy for the Wolverines making an Olympic team and a National Final. He held Olympic Champion Zavur Uguev to a 6-4 match which is impressive in its own right. Everyone right now is saying Nick Lee is waiting or he does not have a chance. No matter what is being said Stevan Micic is a very legitimate threat to win this bracket no matter which way you put it. He is another guy who needs to perform here.

149 Pounds (Kanen Storr)

Storr is a very solid wrestler in his own right and could make a push to the podium if he wrestles amazing. More realistically he is a round of 12 or round of 16 guy. Every point matters in this scenario and the advancement points could be the deciding factor if everything else falls into place.

157 Pounds (Will Lewan)

Lewan is another case similar to Kanen Storr. With the middleweights being the weaker part of this lineup they will need to scrape together as many points as they can in these weight classes. Lewan along with Storr was a NCAA Qualifier and went 2-2 at the tournament. Does he have potential to All American this season, I do not think so but I do think he can scrape together some wins where needed.

165 Pounds (Cameron Amine)

Returning All American Cameron Amine will be looking to get back on that podium this season. With how stacked the 165 pound weight class is looking this season with Marinelli, Wick, Griffith, and more. I think Cameron Amine will be able to get back on the podium should he wrestle well but in a best case scenario he could be looking at a 6th place finish in a very tough weight class helping the wolverines out drastically.

174 Pounds (Logan Massa)

Logan Massa will be the 174 pound wrestler for the Wolverines if he is coming back, it is yet to be known if he will be coming back or not but that is all we can say at the moment.

184 Pounds (Myles Amine)

By far the best wrestler on a very stacked roster the Olympic Medalist will be looking to claim a NCAA Title in his final year of college wrestling. Aaron Brooks is a man that stands in his way. I have him as the favorite to win the bracket but 184 is a tough weight. He has been consistently an All American and placed 3rd or 4th in all of his years of eligibility and it will be very fun to watch him get back on the college scene. He is a must win for the Wolverines if they want this title.

197 Pounds (Pat Brucki)

Brucki has been a very solid wrestler his entire career. He placed 4th at his last NCAA Tournament in 2019 with his only losses coming to Bo Nickal and Preston Weigel. He already has a loss this season to Jake Woodley but it is early in the season and he has not wrestled a match in so long so I will cut him some slack. I think he will get back on the podium and have a top 4 finish but anything helps here for the Wolverines.

285 Pounds (Mason Parris)

Can he beat Gable Steveson? Probably not at this point in time. That being said, there are other guys in this weight class that are looking to catch him such as Greg Kerkvliet, Tony Cassioppi, and Cohlton Schultz. He needs to get to the finals if he wants a chance to bring in as many team points as possible. Another thing that will be very important to this is that Kerkvliet and Cassioppi place lower than him to help the team point advantage.

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