PIAA Upholds Bishop McCourt Ruling


As we know from a while back Bishop McCourt athletics received a three year postseason ban. This included guys like Erik Gibson, Mason Gibson, and Bo Bassett. Yesterday the PIAA had their meeting on the matter and they have decided to uphold the ruling and all of the punishments will stand as is.

Back when all of this was in the mainstream what was said was a one year suspension for Coach Bassett and a three year probation for all of the sports. The ruling has changed and been made more severe. They have suspended Coach Bassett for two years, they have given the program a two year suspension and a three year postseason ban as well. 

“The District 6 Committee sometimes has to make tough decisions,” Marshall said. “We’re committed to upholding the by-laws and constitution of the PIAA for all its member schools. We will continue to stay committed to that cause and partner with all of our member schools to try to assure that they’re all adhering to those by-laws and the constitution.” Their statement on the matter.

“I’m disappointed in the outcome,” Smith said. “For us, there will be a next step. I believe that is the (Pennsylvania) Courts of Common Pleas.

“We appreciate the appeals process. Unfortunately, it did not go our way. Moving through this process, we’re going to take it to a higher court.

“I’m going to continue to fight for our students and for the families of Bishop McCort,” Smith said. -Smith

Since then Erik Gibson has announced that he will be going down to the Spartan Combat RTC to practice with them and get ready for the next chapter in his career

Both Bo Basset and Erik Gibson have put out tweets on the matter and here they are below. They said they will explore other options for the Bishop McCourt wrestling team but for the time being the ruling is set.

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