#14 Ridge Lovett Takes Out #6 Zach Sherman


Just as quick as UNC had an upset with Kizhan Clarke downing Chad Red in overtime Rodge Lovett brings it right back as he takes out #6 Zach Sherman with another big upset.

Was very contested match as people expected with Lovett leading 4-3 in the third when Sherman got in on a very good leg attack. Lovett was able to defend it and take the situation out of bounds for a restart.

Sherman was inches away from the takedown at this point as Lovett was able to get into the crotch lock and and roll Sherman through a few times to get him off the takedown but at a point Lovett was sitting straight on his butt.

Just as this happened UNC threw in the challenge brick looking for the takedown just like any coach would. The call was upheld which left them with around 10 seconds left on the clock as Lovett was able to evade the takedown and run away. With this upset Nebraska and UNC are tied 6-6 which is just going to make this a much more interesting dual to watch!

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
Senior Editor for Heavyweight Nation

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