#13 Kizhan Clarke Stuns #6 Chad Red Jr. In Overtime


In a battle between American University transfer Kizhan Clarke and returning All American Chad Red Jr. it seemed to be a very close match. Red ranked at number 6 and Clarke ranked at number 13. The match turned out how pretty much all of us expected it to be with little to no action during regulation.

We get to overtime and now during overtime NCAA rules have changed and made the overtime periods 2 minutes instead of 1. This made the difference for Kizhan Clarke. Red got in on a takedown early and almost had Clarke dead to rights looking for feet to back but the cat like quickness from Clarke got him out of the situation and he got back in on a shot of his own and action went out of bounds.

Shortly after the restart Clarke gets in on another attack and overpowers Red into a seatbelt whizzer position where he was able to overpower Red and clutch the two point takedown to end it in Sudden Victory.

This is a massive win for Kizhan Clarke for the beginning of the season and if he can continue this success he may very well be looking at an All American Finish this season.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
Senior Editor for Heavyweight Nation

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