Lucas Davison Breaks Out At The Michigan State Open


Lucas Davison first got noticed in my eyes when he teched now world champion Tony Cassioppi in the second match of their best of 3 at the U23 world team trials. Now just recently he won the Michigan State open. Normally these do not mean too much but he went through multiple ranked opponents to claim the title.

The ranked HWTs that competed in the Michigan State open were Central Michigan’s Matt Stencel, Illini’s Luke Luffman, Oklahoma’s Josh Heindselman, Michigan States Christian Rebottaro, and Edinboro’s John Spaulding.

In round one of the open Davison wrestled Trevor Tinker of Cal Poly where he won by a 5-0 decision. Then in round two he faced Terrese Aaron of Northern Illinois and we ended up winning that bout by a score of 13-3 via major decision. These matches were more of a procession bout and in the semifinals he would have his first big test of Illini’s Luke Luffman. That match was insane and Davison dominated 10-4 and picked up his first big win of the season.

In the finals he would have most likely pulled All American from Central Michigan Matt Stencel however he did pull out of the tournament with a medical forfeit. Davision ended up facing Josh Heindselman of Oklahoma who is no slouch himself as a finalist at the junior world team trials falling to only Wyatt Hendrickson of Air Force who also had a very impressive showing at NCAAs last season. He ended up winning in the finals 2-0 to claim the Michigan State Open title, but more importantly showed that he can pick up these ranked wins and do it consistently which is not something I think we saw when he wrestled at the U23 world team trials. This is going to be a very interesting season and Davision is definitely adding a good dimension to this and him being in the Big Ten is only going to make this season better.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
Senior Editor for Heavyweight Nation

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