Bishop McCort Wrestlers Facing 3 Year Post Season Ban


Bishop McCourt gained a bunch of national attention when they started having a load of success in wrestling with young phenom Bo Bassett who just recently won a Cadet world title and placed second at the Super 32 wrestling tournament as only an 8th grader. He and 3 others including Mason Gibson, Erik Gibson, and Sam Herring have been the main components of the team.

Have not seen a full story on the matter so we are just going based on what is already known. The main storyline that seems to remain active throughout all the previous articles and conversations has been that fellow teammate Erik Gibson whilst at Forrest Hills high school received racist remarks and kept receiving them. He then went to his coach about them in hopes that it would stop after that. The Forrest Hills coach essentially told him to “Suck it up” which then caused him to transfer to Bishop McCort high school where he planned to finish out his career and continue on the college level where he is committed to Cornell University.

After this transfer happened many other wrestlers started following along to Bishop McCourt where they eventually built a powerhouse team. Then the coach at Forrest Hills decided to report them as he suspected they were being recruited with 20+ athletes and many more students transferring to the school and athletic programs there. Once this happened earlier the school has received a 3 year post season ban on athletics. This is the worst punishment I personally have ever seen and it would mean that brothers Mason and Erik Gibson’s high school wrestling careers would be over. Also that Bo Bassett would not be able to wrestle in the post season until his junior year of high school.

If we are trying to make the best out of a terrible situation these guys will go on to have successful freestyle careers at their age level to be able to hopefully make up for what time they will be losing in their folkstyle career. Since then Bishop McCort has appealed the ban and the PIAA will be meeting about this soon. This is just a terrible situation and one of the worst penalties that I have seen given ever and unjustified at that. #LetMcCortWrestle

If you have any other informations or corrections to what was said feel free to hit up my Instagram DMs. I went off of what I have seen and I am trying to bring awareness to this because it is absolutely unfair.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
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