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History of the Bill Farrell Memorial


The Bill Farrell Memorial Competition – November 17-18 at New York Athletic Club – isn’t just another tournament; it’s a celebration, a gathering of people connected by a love for wrestling.

Back in 2001, the wrestling community came together to honor Bill Farrell, a real icon. He was the head coach of the 1972 U.S. Olympic FS wrestling team, an athlete and coach for the NYAC, an exec at Asics, and an inspiration to many. This tournament wasn’t just about competition; it was a way to keep Bill’s spirit alive.

What started as a tribute has grown into a lively event that draws wrestlers all over the world, from all walks of life. The Bill Farrell Memorial Competition has evolved into more than just a competition—it’s a platform for athletes to come together, showcase their skills, and enjoy wrestling.

As fall comes around, the Bill Farrell takes center stage in the wrestling world. It’s not just a tournament; it’s a stepping stone for those gearing up for the international stage. Attendees include Olympians and World Champions like Kyle Dake and Jordan Burroughs, who use this competition to fine-tune their skills for the challenges ahead.

This competition isn’t just about winning; it’s a stepping stone to global acclaim. Serving as a qualifier for the United States World and Olympic Teams, it puts wrestlers onto the world stage. Notable alumni like Adeline Gray, a five-time World Champion, exemplify the caliber of athletes who’ve risen to international recognition through the Bill Farrell Memorial Competition.

Beyond the competition, the Bill Farrell Memorial serves as a gathering place for the wrestling family. Athletes, coaches, and fans come together in a celebration that goes beyond the mat.

The Bill Farrell Memorial Competition will take place at New York Athletic Club on November 17-18.

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