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Top 5 Wrestlers At Each Weight Class Heading Into The 2023-24 Wrestling Season



  1. Matt Ramos – Purdue
  2. Anthony Noto – Lock Haven
  3. Richard Figueroa – Arizona State
  4. Eddie Ventresca – Virginia Tech
  5. Eric Barnett – Wisconsin

The 125-pound weight class features All American Matt Ramos of Purdue topping the rankings, showcasing his skill in this division by taking out 3X NCAA Champion Spencer Lee in a crazy upset. He’s closely followed by Anthony Noto of Lock Haven, having received All American Honors this past year. Keep an eye on Eric Barnett of Wisconsin, Virginia Tech’s AA Eddie Ventresca and Arizona State’s Richard Figueroa.


  1. Vito Arujau – Cornell
  2. Daton Fix – Oklahoma State
  3. Aaron Nagao – Penn State
  4. Sam Latona – Virginia Tech
  5. Kai Orine – North Carolina State

Vito Arujau of Cornell stands atop the rankings in the 133-pound category, after Olympic redshirting 2022 and 2021. He is a National and World Champion. Oklahoma State’s Daton Fix, a 4x All American wrestler, takes the second spot. Penn State’s AA Aaron Nagao, NC State’s Kai Orine, Illinois’ Lucas Byrd, and Virginia Tech’s AA Sam Latona round out the top five, ensuring a competitive weight class.


  1. Real Woods – University of Iowa
  2. Beau Bartlett – Penn State
  3. Lachlan McNeil – University of North Carolina
  4. Brock Hardy – University of Nebraska
  5. Jesse Mendez – Ohio State

The 141-pound weight class is led by 3X AA Real Woods of the University of Iowa. Penn State’s AA Beau Bartlett is another standout in this category, securing the second position. The University of North Carolina’s All American Lachlan McNeil, Ohio State’s Jesse Mendez (previously 133), and the University of Nebraska’s AA Brock Hardy complete the top five. Andrew Alirez is taking an Olympic redshirt.


  1. Ridge Lovett – University of Nebraska
  2. Shayne Van Ness – Penn State
  3. Kyle Parco – Arizona State
  4. Caleb Henson – Virginia Tech
  5. Brock Mauller – University of Missouri

2022 All American Ridge Lovett from the University of Nebraska claims the top spot in the 149-pound weight class. He’s closely followed by Penn State’s Shayne Van Ness, a formidable opponent with All American Honors. The class also includes Arizona State’s AA Kyle Parco, Virginia Tech’s AA Caleb Henson, and the University of Missouri’s AA Brock Mauller.


  1. Levi Haines – Penn State
  2. Jared Franek – University of Iowa
  3. Payton Robb – University of Nebraska
  4. Jacori Teemer – Arizona State
  5. Ed Scott – North Carolina State

The 157-pound weight class is headlined by Penn State’s Levi Haines, known for his All American finish last year. Jared Franek from the University of Iowa is another top contender, showcasing his strength and technique in the NCAA quarterfinals. AA Ed Scott of North Carolina State, AA Jacori Teemer of ASU, and AA Jared Franek of University of Iowa complete the top five.


  1. Keegan O’Toole – University of Missouri
  2. David Carr – Iowa State
  3. Cam Amine – Michigan State
  4. Dean Hamiti – Wisconsin
  5. Mikey Caliendo – University of Iowa

Keegan O’Toole from the University of Missouri takes the top spot in the 165-pound weight class. David Carr of Iowa State secures the second position, promising an exciting rivalry. Both O’Toole and Carr are NCAA Champions. The category also features Cam Amine from Michigan State, Dean Hamiti from Wisconsin, Mikey Caliendo from UIowa.


  1. Carter Starocci – Penn State
  2. Chris Foca – Cornell
  3. Mekhi Lewis – Virginia State
  4. Shane Griffith – Michigan State
  5. Edmond Ruth – Illinois

NCAA Champion Carter Starocci of Penn State leads the 174-pound weight class. His technical proficiency and past achievements make him a force to be reckoned with. Cornell’s AA Chris Foca in the second position, while Shane Griffith from Michigan State (NCAA Champion @165), 2019 champion Mekhi Lewis from Virginia State, and Illinois’ Edmond Ruth.


  1. Parker Keckeisen – Northern Iowa
  2. Bernie Truax – Penn State
  3. Trey Munoz – Oregon State
  4. Dustin Plott – Oklahoma State
  5. Will Feldkamp – Iowa State

The 184-pound weight class features 3X AA Parker Keckeisen from Northern Iowa at the top of the rankings. All American Trey Munoz from Oregon State, Bernie Truax of Penn State (AA @197), Will Feldkamp from Iowa State, and Oklahoma State’s Dustin Plott complete the top five.


  1. Aaron Brooks – Penn State
  2. Stephen Buchanan – Oklahoma State
  3. Tanner Sloan – South Dakota State
  4. Rocky Elam – University of Missouri
  5. Trent Hidlay – North Carolina State

Penn State’s Aaron Brooks takes the lead in the 197-pound weight class, with his impressive skills and All American honors. Trent Hidlay of North Carolina State, AA Tanner Sloan from South Dakota State (after an upset win over Bernie Truax), AA Rocky Elam from the University of Missouri, and the University of Okahoma’s AA Stephen Buchanan.


  1. Greg Kerkvliet – Penn State
  2. Wyatt Hendrickson – Air Force
  3. Lucas Davison – Michigan State
  4. Cohlton Schultz – Arizona State
  5. Zach Elam – Missouri

The 285-pound category sees Greg Kerkvliet from PSU and Wyatt Hendrickson from Air Force in the top spots. Zach Elam from Missouri, Cohlton Schultz from Arizona State, and Lucas Davison from Michigan State complete the top five.

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