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Gable Steveson Hints At Potential Iowa Transfer?!


Just a year ago it had seemed as if Gable Steveson’s wrestling career was in the rearview and he would transition to the WWE full-time following leaving his shoes on the mat after winning his 2nd NCAA title. A few months ago Steveson announced that he would be coming out of retirement just a year later to wrestle at the US Open which he must do in order to have a chance at making the 2023 world team.

Steveson would cruise through the US Open qualifying for Final X. He would face a familiar foe in NCAA Champion Mason Parris, and as expected Steveson would win 2 straight in the best of 3 series to make the 2023 world team at 125kg.

Since then Steveson has not made an appearance on the wrestling mat, many assumed he would compete at the Budapest rankings series currently going on but ultimately Parris would compete and win gold. With all of this going on it was under the assumption that Steveson would never take the mat as a college wrestler ever again.

That was until recently when Steveson stated that there was a possibility that he could come back to college. Many assumed that if this would happen it would no doubt be back with the Minnesota Gophers, however, some people speculated that he could be eyeing a move to a different program, the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Gable going to Iowa has been rumored for so long at this point that it really did not carry any weight, that was until Gable made a tweet himself suggesting a move was possible.

The response to this tweet was as expected. Iowa fans desperately wanted Gable to come to their program, Minnesota fans wanted Gable to stay with the Gophers, and some people just called a bluff saying transferring was never really a thought and this was all just for show.

The facts are we don’t know what will happen, but if a transfer is in the cards for Gable then we probably will not find out for a while, or at least until after the world championships in Belgrade where Gable Steveson will look to add to his Olympic gold medal.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
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