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Roman Bravo-Young To Transfer To Mexico, Looks To Make 2024 Olympic Team


Flowrestling announced that 2x NCAA Champion Roman Bravo-Young will represent Mexico in the upcoming Olympic Cycle.

Bravo-Young won’t waste any time and will compete at Mexican Nationals in two weeks at the 57kg weight class.

However, Bravo-Young will not be eligible for the 2023 World Championships. The United World Wrestling rules state that Bravo-Young will have to wait until December for his transfer application to go through. Once Bravo-Young’s application is accepted, then he will be eligible to compete for Mexico in international events starting in 2024.

To qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics, Bravo-Young will have to place in the top two at the 2024 Pan-Am Olympic Games Qualifier on March 15-17 in Acapulco, Mexico. If Bravo-Young places outside the top two, then his last chance to qualify is at the World Olympic Qualifier in Istanbul, Turkiye on May 9-12. The World Olympic Qualifier takes the top three finishers to the 2024 Paris Olympics.

For the United States, 57kg is a loaded weight class and features some of the most prolific wrestlers in the country. Attempting to qualify at 57kg would be a nightmare, especially with guys like Zane Richards, Thomas Gilman, Nick Suriano, and Spencer Lee in the mix.

Bravo-Young’s grandparents were born in Sonora, Mexico, which grants him eligibility to compete for Team Mexico. Taking this route will be less strenuous just to even qualify for the Olympic Games, which is much more difficult being there are only six weight classes.

Competing internationally has always been a part of Bravo-Young’s plans after wrapping up his career as a Nittany Lion. Along with wrestling, Bravo-Young has dabbled into MMA which will eventually gain his full focus.
“The key is that when I fully feel like I am done with wrestling and just don’t have any fire, I am going to switch over,” Bravo-Young said. “Now, I cross-train, yes. We work hands, we work striking, we work grappling. But you know I can be good with being patient and learning the fundamentals and building up slowly.”

Just two weeks ago, Bravo-Young competed in a grappling match on UFC Fight Pass against #7 ranked UFC Flyweight Alex Perez that ended in a draw.

Now doing it all, Bravo-Young can continue to stick to his plan and seek an Olympic medal representing Mexico.

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