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Spencer Lee To Potentially Compete At The US Open


Spencer Lee recently went on the Barstool Wrestling podcast which came out last night. He talked about things such as his loss at NCAAs, his experiences wrestling for Iowa, his relationship with Thomas Gilman, and his plans for the future.

During the podcast Lee stated that he would potentially be looking to compete at the US Open, where if he wins he would go on to face former Hawkeye Wrestling Club teammate and 2021 world champion Thomas Gilman at Final X.

Lee talked a little bit about his relationship with Gilman as there have been rumors flying around from the moment he left which caused people to believe there was bad blood between the two.

“We have no beef, we don’t hate each other. It was always just a respect thing. We have always respected each other. We both know we work hard. -He found and opportunity and he took it. He’s obviously been doing well, so hats off to him for having a good career so far. – Spencer Lee

Some of the entries for the US Open at 57kg include 2x NCAA Champion Nick Suriano, this years champ at 125 pounds Patrick Glory, as well as Zane Richards who has been doing very well for himself recently.

Suriano will be the favorite to make Final X and get the long awaited rematch with Gilman, however if Lee joins the field we could see a couple great matches, especially the 2018 NCAA finals rematch with Lee and Suriano which we never got to see in 2022.

“I obviously plan on trying to compete at the US Open at the end of this month, we’ll see, we’re working on it, I have to be healthy first of all. The Olympics next year will be the main gal, that has always been my main goal. – Spencer Lee

With all of the uncertainty behind Lee’s next competition he said that we will only know once he registers.

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