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Penn State vs Iowa, Key Matches To Keep An Eye On


Penn State vs Iowa will be going down January 27th, 8:30pm EST at the Bryce Jordan Center. By far the most hyped up and the biggest dual meet of the year.

We all know the staples in the lineups such as Aaron Brooks, Spencer Lee, and Carter Starocci. However some of these matchups might be a lot closer than you think and whoever comes away with these “swing matches” will most likey win the dual meet.

Will not be talking too much about Dean vs Warner, Kerkvliet vs Cassioppi, or even mention a possible Spencer Lee bump for the time being.

1- Real Woods vs Beau Bartlett

If this was the beginning of the season it would have been an easy pick for most to say that Woods will be winning this match with ease. Down a weight from last season Bartlett has looked much more offensive and just more solid overall.

Woods has looked great as well can’t take anything away there, however he looks in range for Bartlett to beat him if I am being honest. Woods will most likely still be the favorite in this one but a win is huge for Penn State.

2- Max Murin vs Shayne Van Ness

This will be a fun match, coming into this year everyone knew that Shayne Van Ness will be good, it was just a question of how good he will be. Can’t take this match against Murin for granted but if I had to say it is definitely leaning towards Van Ness the way I see it.

Momentum will definitely play a part in these matches and with a lot of swing matches back to back this dual could go very bad for one of these teams very easily.

3- Cobe Siebrecht vs Levi Haines

Haines is officially the guy for Penn State and that had already proved to be a great choice as he defeated All American Will Lewan. Siebrecht didn’t look all that impressive this season until he had that wild pin over Penn’s Anthony Artalona which seemed to give him a new level of confidence.

Doubtful that we will see any bonus points here, but the way 157 is going as a weight class their will be no lack of action in this one.

4- Patrick Kennedy vs Alex Facundo

The last of the matches here that will make a difference for the dual. Kennedy and Facundo have both looked great but for Kennedy he lost to the top guys in his weight.

Facundo did not wrestle against Dean Hamiti, but he has a win over 2x AA Cam Amine which is very impressive regardless of the contreversy.

Should be a very interesting one here at 165 headed into the last four bouts which will all be in favor of Penn State.


These matches will create a massive swing in the dual depending how they go. By the looks of it Penn State wins three of the matches and Iowa wins at 141 with Real Woods.

However with all of this being said all of these matches in theory could go either way and will play a massive role in this dual meet.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
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