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Penn State Defeats Michigan Wrestling 30-8

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#1 Penn State rolled over #4 Michigan 30-8 in the Bryce Jordan Center Friday night to stay undefeated on their dual season. There were a lot of big moments in this dual, most notably Michigan’s #2 Mason Parris defeating #1 Greg Kerkvliet 3-1, but Penn State’s younger group of wrestlers such as Levi Haines and Alex Facundo shined when needed. Haines defeated #10 Will Lewan in a thrilling 3-1 sudden victory win, and Facundo followed it by beating #5 Cam Amine 6-5 in tie-breakers. Initially this dual seemed liked it could have been a very close dual, but Penn State started to run away with it after the intermission.

#1 Penn State vs. #4 Michigan, live updates and match breakdown:

125 – Jack Medley over Gary Steen – 19-3 TF

Michigan’s Jack Medley got to his offense first early on in the first period, being able to rack up two takedowns within the first two minutes of the first period, and held a 4-2 lead. Medley was successful with combining his takedowns, scoring off a fireman’s and a dump to finish three takedowns in the opening period, and went into the second with a 6-2 lead.

Medley continued to be relentless, and kept pressing the pace to score more points. Medley snuck out the back door for a reversal, and immediately followed it up with a reinforced-bar tilt for four back points. The points started to pour on for Medley, ending the second period with 15 points and a 12-point lead.

Steen had choice to start the third period, and nearly put Medley in trouble to get a reversal. However, Medley stayed strong through the scramble, and eventually caught Steen on his back for four more swipes and a tech fall to start the night for the Wolverines.

133 – #1 Roman Bravo-Young over #12 Dylan Ragusin, 4-2

After a hard-fought first period, Michigan’s Dylan Ragusin went into the second period with a 2-0 lead. Although Bravo-Young was the aggressor for almost the entire period, Ragusin wrestled great on the edge of the mat and found a single-leg for a close finish and the lead.

With choice in the second, Bravo-Young blasted to his feet seconds into the period. RBY used the momentum to fire in deep on a single, and finished to retake the lead 3-2. Bravo-Young continues to show his dominance on top, as he was able to ride out Ragusin for more than half of the second period, and accumulated over a minute of riding time going into the third period.

The third period was similar to the second, Ragusin went down to start the period and didn’t get out. Bravo-Young’s ability to ride-out elite level wrestlers has been shown off before, and has won him numerous close matches like this one.

141 – #4 Beau Bartlett over #23 Cole Mattin, 7-2

Penn State’s Beau Bartlett used his elite defense to score the first points of the match at 141-pounds. Michigan’s Cole Mattin was in deep on a number of single-legs in the first period, but Bartlett perfectly defended off Mattin and scored off a go-behind for a 2-0 lead to end the first period.

After a big flurry early on in the second period, Bartlett found a reversal after a few forward rolls. Mattin was following through and hanging on, but Bartlett was able to slip his arm through and reversed Mattin after a scramble.

In the third, Bartlett continued his momentum and got another quick takedown to extend his lead to 6-2 halfway through the third period. Mattin did a good job initially holding off, but Bartlett eventually popped his head out and got another takedown to solidify his big win at 141-pounds.

149 – #14 Shayne Van Ness over Fidel Mayora, 14-4

After half of the first period was spent hand-fighting, Penn State’s Shayne Van Ness found a snatch-single leg for his first points of the night. Michigan’s Fidel Mayora was doing a good job holding positions, but Van Ness opened up and found his attacks to take a 2-0 lead into the second period.

In the second, Van Ness got to his feet quickly, and followed it with another takedown over Mayora. Van Ness opted to ride for the rest of the second, and didn’t have much trouble as he accumulated over two minutes of riding time and a 5-0 lead going into the third period.

Van Ness started to turn it up in the third, scoring two more takedowns within a minute, and heavily pursued for a major decision. Van Ness ended up with four takedowns in the third period, and clinched a 14-4 major decision that made it three straight wins for the Nittany Lions.

157 – #17 Levi Haines over #10 Will Lewan, 3-1 SV

There were a few exciting exchanges in the first period, both wrestlers being active and attempting to score, but the score remained 0-0 after one period.

Haines got choice to start the second period, and he wasted no time getting to his feet and scored the first point of the bout. The score remained 1-0 in Haines’ favor to end the second, but once again both wrestlers were actively attempting to get a takedown. Haines was trying to score off open attacks, but Lewan did a good job tying up Haines.

Similar to Haines, Lewan was up to his feet in a matter of seconds. Lewan then got in on a super deep double-leg, but Haines was able to fight off the grip and remained on the feet. Haines then got in on a deep shot himself, but Lewan did the same in fighting off Haines’ hands and cleared the shot. The third period went back-and-forth that showed off great wrestling all around, and the bout was forced into sudden victory after the score stayed at 1-1.

Right off the whistle, Lewan had a great look at a low-single, but Haines miraculously fought it off. Haines showed unbelievable defense to halt Lewan’s aggressive start, and reversed the momentum by diving in on a slick outside-single, and finished the takedown for the win at 157-pounds. The true freshman continues to be a dominant force for the Nittany Lions, and his stock continues to ride as the season goes on.

165 – #16 Alex Facundo over #5 Cam Amine, 6-5 TB-2

Penn State’s Alex Facundo started off the bout with a super slick single-leg, and effortlessly finished for a takedown to take the lead. Amine worked to his feet for an escape, but Facundo leads 2-1 after the first.

Amine got choice to start the second, and once again got to his feet to tie up the bout at 2-2 halfway through the second period. Facundo’s pace started to pressure Amine, as he got hit for stalling after a few consecutive shots from Facundo. Amine battled off some good looks from Facundo, and the bout remained 2-2 going into the third period.

With choice in the third, Facundo went down and worked his way to his feet for an escape and took a 3-2 lead with less than 1:30 to go in the third period. Amine started to open up, blasting in on a few shots and slid-by Facundo and spun around for a takedown for a huge takedown with just seconds remaining. With :20 seconds left, Facundo blasted up and found a way out to tie the bout at 4-4 to send it into sudden victory for the second straight bout.

In sudden victory, Facundo came very close to scoring with a couple of single-legs, but Amine showed great defense to fight off Facundo as the bout went into tie-breakers.

In the first tie-breaker, Facundo got to his feet and rolled through Amine’s mat return for an escape just 10 seconds into the period. Amine then went down, and Facundo did a great job returning Amine, and held on to secure riding time advantage for another big win for Penn State.

174 – #1 Carter Starocci over Max Maylor, Fall

Penn State’s Carter Starocci got after his attacks right away, darting in on a single-leg and kicked out Maylor’s leg for the first takedown of the bout. Starocci cut Maylor and did the exact same thing once again, and took a quick 4-1 lead early on. Starocci stayed on his aggressive attack, getting another takedown for his third of the first period, and took a 6-2 lead going into the second period.

Starocci showed off his skills on top in the second period, as he wrenched over Maylor in a power-half and then jumped out over top and pinned Maylor quickly into the period. It was all Starocci at 174-pounds.

184 – #1 Aaron Brooks over #9 Matt Finesilver, 14-4

Aaron Brooks kept it going to start the first period for the Nittany Lions, scoring off a single to take an early 2-0 lead. Finesilver earned himself an escape, but Brooks got to another single and a takedown to head into the second period with a 4-1 lead.

Brooks went down to start the second, and got back to his offense with an escape and two more takedowns throughout the second period to extend his lead to 9-2.

Finesilver got his chance to go down in the third, and he was up and out with ease. Finesilver took a chance on a single-leg, but Brooks’ short offense was too much as he spun behind and searched for a major decision. Brooks didn’t let off the gas, cutting Finesilver and further extending his major decision to a 14-4 victory.

197 – #4 Max Dean over Brendin Yatooma, 10-1

Penn State’s Max Dean didn’t find much trouble finishing a single just a minute into the first period, and took a quick 2-0 lead over Yatooma. Dean’s best position is on top, and he showed that by riding out Yatooma for the rest of the first, and got two back points from a tilt with short time on the clock.

Dean went down to start the second, and got to his feet and got right back to his single and scored another takedown to extend his lead to 7-0. Dean then got back to work on top, but couldn’t find anymore points as the second period came to an end.

Yatooma surprisingly went down to start the third, and was eventually cut by Dean as he looked for the major. Dean found his third single of the match, and finished on top to end the bout.

285 – #2 Mason Parris over #1 Greg Kerkvliet, 3-1

In the most anticipated bout of the night, the first period went scoreless. However, both wrestlers were going after takedowns but good defense prevented any scores.

Parris went down to start the second period, and worked to his feet for the first points of the bout. Kerkvliet then got deep in on a low-single, but Parris did a great job defending it off as the second period came to an end.

Kerkvliet then went down, and was out in seconds. Parris followed it with a fast blast-double but Kerkvliet fought it off and went out of bounds to be called for stalling. Kerkvliet shot in on an open double-leg, and Parris was ready as he snapped and spun for a quick two points, and took a 3-1 lead. With short time, Parris hung out to ride out Kerkvliet and took out the #1 heavyweight in the country to end the dual.

Final: Penn State over Michigan, 30-8

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