Arsen Fadzaev


Arsen Fadzaev is a 8x world and Olympic freestyle wrestling champion for the Soviet Union. He is known as one of the greatest freestyle wrestlers of all time.

During the course of Fadzaev’s career he competed at the 68kg weight class with the only exception being the 1989 world championships. Here he claimed the only non-gold medal of his career as he lost to Kenny Monday of the United States in the finals.

Fadzaev was known for his super physical style where he would score points left and right with his aggressive snap downs and go behinds. He would also have a slick aspect to his style which would complement his aggressiveness nicely.

Fazdaev along with a few other wrestlers from the Soviet Union such as Sergei Beloglazov missed out on potentially winning another Olympic gold medal

He was inducted into the FILA hall of fame in the second class (2004)

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