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Iowa State Up To Number 3 On NWCA Coaches Poll


The NWCA Coaches poll was updated as of yesterday and there are some big changes.

Penn State and Iowa remain and number one and two respectively being that they both have not lost. Iowa was looking a bit rough as they were pushed to the edge by Illinois who is at number 25 right now. Should they face a top team soon that ranking might change.

Penn State has taken care of business and there is not much to talk about there. Levi Haines seems to be the starter at 157 pounds now and will most likely move up the rankings, that will help a bit in widening the gap between PSU and everyone else.

Iowa State / Michigan-

Iowa State has had a great season so far with their only losses coming to Penn State and Iowa. They are currently tied with Michigan at number 3.

Michigan has taken care of business as expected but they have not faced anyone that highly ranked yet. With the loses they have had from last year it might cause a shift in the rankings soon should they lose.

NC State-

NC State at number 5 is ok in my opinion here. With their win over UNI at the collegiate duals even with the massive pin by Keckeisen there is nothing much to argue about here.

There might be some talk about Arizona State and Cornell being ranked below which is where things get interesting.

Arizona St / Virginia Tech-

ASU and Virginia Tech fall in at number 8 and 9 here. Both of them took losses to Cornell so that makes sense. Ohio State being ranked at number 7 is where things get interesting.

Northwestern / Minnesota-

These two teams battled it out in a toss up dual, Northwestern was able to come out on top. Yahya Thomas, and Lucas Davison have been looking good.

125 was a double forfeit but you have to assume when or if DeAugustino comes back this season it will move Northwestern up a good bit. Chumbley has been looking impressive at 157 as well.


As far as the rest of the list goes there is nothing too surprising. Oklahoma State at 13 is not something we see very often but there are just a couple things happening that should improve pretty soon with them.

Rutgers does not have Sammy Alvarez anymore based on what is being said. Apparently he left the team due to missing weight multiple times over the years. via NJ.com

Ohio State is just sitting there at number 7, but something needs to improve there if they want to see success they just have not been consistent enough in my eyes to really move up in the rankings and there are a bunch of teams looking to catch up.

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