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Taha Akgul


Taha Akgul will go down in history as one of the greatest heavyweight wrestlers of all time. The 9x World and Olympic medalist has been a staple in the heavyweight weight class for over a decade now and has medaled at almost every single event he has attended.

He is a 4x World and Olympic Champion winning the Olympics back in 2016. He is an 8x European Champion which is the tournament where he has dominated the most.

His rival Geno Petriashvili have gone back and forth all the time at the World and European Championships over the years being one of the greatest rivalries ever.

Akgul will most likely end his career after the 2024 Olympic in Paris on his quest for a 2nd Olympic Gold.



2010 Junior World Silver Medalist (120kg)


2013 World Bronze Medalist (125kg)

2014 World Champion (125kg)

2015 World Champion (125kg)

2017 World Silver Medalist (125kg)

2019 World Silver Medalist (125kg)

2021 World Bronze Medalist (125kg)

2022 World Champion (125kg)


2012 Olympics (DNP) 9th (120kg)

2016 Olympic Champion (125kg)

2020 Olympic Bronze Medalist (125kg)

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