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Penn State vs Iowa State Wrestling Collegiate Duals Preview


Penn State vs Iowa State will be going down tonight at 8pm EST live on Rokfin PPV. Not many people expected to see this but after some insane events in the Iowa State vs Cornell dual ISU was able to come through in the clutch and will face #1 Penn State for the blue pool title. Full preview below.

Penn State has looked pretty much untouchable only dropping two matches in their last two duals defeating their opponents by a combined score of 87-6. Iowa State cruised through Oregon State and got the win over Cornell to advance them into today’s finals.

Projected Matches-

125- Gary Steen vs Corey Cabanban

Cabanban got a big win over Iowa State when he beat Brett Ungar of Cornell which was one of many monumental moments that got ISU the win there. Steen has not looked the best but he has been able to hold his own so I will give Cabanban a decision victory here.

Iowa State also wrestled Ethan Perryman at this weight but Cabanban looks to be the guy.

133- Roman Bravo-Young vs Ramazan Attasauov

Say what you want about Iowa State having a good year, RBY has looked untouchable this year and it is hard for me to see this bout being close. The main question is bonus points which comes down to a multitude of factors. I’m leaning towards RBY by major here however.

141- Beau Bartlett vs Zach Redding

According to a few sources Casey Swiderski did not weigh in on day one making him ineligible so that is a big loss for the Cyclones assuming you viewed this as a toss up bout.

Bartlett vs Redding here should not get too out of hand but a major for Bartlett is definitely possible and might happen. Either way without Swiderski here this weight is most likely won for Penn State.

149- Shayne Van Ness vs Paniro Johnson

Paniro Johnson is that guy, A win over Austin Gomez and a sudden victory loss to Yianni Diakomihalis shows that the freshman will be coming hard in March. That being said Van Ness has not shown his true potential and where he stands in the rankings just yet.

Johnson should be able to win this one but a bold take from me would say that this one is within a couple points, I could very well be wrong here and Johnson comes out to dominate but both of these guys have been very impressive.

157- Terrell Barraclough vs Jason Kraisser

Barraclough would be the favorite here to win this one. Looking at this tournament alone there is one common matchup which is Isaiah Crosby of Oregon State. Barraclough won 8-4 and Kraisser won 10-8 in SV. This match is a shot in the dark and also a spot where Iowa State can possible snag one to put this dual meet within winning distance.

165- Alex Facundo vs David Carr

Facundo has been great this season but Carr will most likely prove to be too much for him. I don’t know if this will be a bonus point win but it could very well happen and Iowa State will need that here.

174- Carter Starocci vs Julien Broderson

Starting off the murderers row for Penn State we have 2x Champ Carter Starocci who should have no problem getting bonus points here. This is where Iowa State needs to work to minimize bonus here to possible snag a win at 197.

184- Aaron Brooks vs Marcus Coleman

Iowa State bumped against Cornell but in all honesty that is not a viable option with Penn State having #1 Greg Kerkvliet at heavyweight. Coleman should be able to hold Brooks to a decision victory here but the way Brooks has been looking do not be surprised should he put an absolute beating on Coleman.

197- Max Dean vs Yonger Bastida

This is the match to watch here. Max Dean the reigning National Champion ranked #5 in the country after dropping a couple matches vs Yonger Bastida returning All American who is perfect on the season even picking up a win over a top tier heavyweight.

This match comes down to one thing for me, can Max Dean dominate enough on top for his disadvantage in the neutral position to be nullified or can Yonger Bastida do the exact opposite. If it is a shoot out Bastida should most likely win and if Dean can slow the match down he should win.

285- Greg Kerkvliet vs Sam Schuyler

There was some talk about Schuyler not being able to wrestle being why they bumped the lineup. If they don’t have Schuyler it might just be in their favor to forfeit the bout here being they reportedly did not weigh in another heavyweight.

Kerkvliet most likely gets atleast a major either way here no matter who they send it. If it is somehow Bastida, Kerks size and and prowess in the top position should be enough to dominate the match.

Overall: My prediction here will be Penn State 22-14 assuming the matches listed do happen

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