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#7 Iowa State defeats #25 Oregon State Wrestling 26-6 Match Breakdown and Recap


#7 Iowa State defeated #25 Oregon State 26-6 in the first round of the Journeymen Collegiate Duals, and are now set to face off against #14 Cornell in the second round. Iowa State rolled early in the dual, and didn’t look back as they won eight of 10 matches.

125 –  #10 Brandon Kaylor over Ethan Perryman, 5-2

Cyclone fans were hoping for #14 Kysen Terukina who has been out of the lineup since Nov. 20, but Ethan Perryman stepped out for Iowa State at 125-pounds. Even though we were expecting a closely contested top-15 matchup, Perryman was able to put the pressure on Oregon State’s #10 Brandon Kaylor the entire match, until Kaylor was able to score the match-winning takedown with :45 seconds to go in the third to make it 5-2. Impressive performance from Perryman against a top-10 ranked opponent.

133 – #19 Ramazan Attasauov over #16 Jason Shaner, 6-3

Cyclone’s #19 Ramazan Attasauov blasted in for the opening takedown of the match, and scored within the first :30 seconds. Attasauov continued that, scoring on a beautiful drag near the end of the second period to extend his lead going into the final period. The third period consisted of a great ride by Attasauov and nearly accumulated three minutes of riding time

141 – Zach Redding over Cleveland Belton, 6-5

Iowa State’s Zach Redding stepped in for #8 Casey Swiderski at 141-pounds, and got a big win for the Cyclones. Redding scored the opening takedown, and was close a number of different times to scoring again on the Beavers’ Cleveland Belton. Redding was able to lock up his riding time in the third period, and continued to build on it with a great ride in the third period. Belton had a late chance to get the winning takedown, but didn’t seem to know that Redding had the riding time advantage over him.

149 – #5 Paniro Johnson over Riley Gurr, 14-5

Oregon State’s Riley Gurr opened up this bout with a big flurry, almost throwing Cyclone’s #5 Paniro Johnson to his back, but Johnson was expecting big throws from Gurr. In another scramble in the first period, Johnson slipped in a merkle for a quick two points to extend his lead heading into the second period. Gurr was able to make this a high paced match, which would go in his favor, but Johnson was just too slick and able to create unique angles to score on his attacks.

157 – Jason Kraisser over Isaiah Crosby, 10-8

In a wild match that went back and forth, Cyclone’s Jason Kraisser pulled off a huge comeback to give Iowa State the win at 157-pounds. Beavers’ Isaiah Crosby came out on fire against the Cyclone’s Kraisser, getting the opening takedown and four backpoints just :20 seconds into the match. Crosby looked in control in the second period, but that was before Kraisser got a clutch reversal and started cranking over Crosby in a bar and half for two backpoints. That didn’t phase Crosby though, who immediately scored another takedown to start the third period. Kraisser got back to his attacks, and scored off a beautiful counter-attack in sudden victory for the win.

165 – #3 David Carr over #18 Matthew Olguin, 6-1

Cyclone’s #3 David Carr fired off a bunch of attacks in the first period, but only got one at the end of the first period. Oregon State’s #18 Matthew Olguin showed great defense in the first period, defending off a number of good-looking attacks from Carr. Olguin had a couple of great looks off re-attacks from Carr, and nearly had a takedown on the edge of the mat. Carr was able to stay disciplined on his feet, shaking off Olguin and got his second takedown late in the third to extend his lead.

174 – Julien Broderson over Mateo Olmos, 5-2

In a closely contested first period, Julien Broderson found his offense and got the first takedown of the match to take the lead going into the second period. Oregon State’s Mateo Olmos was in it the entire match though, nearly scoring on a few attacks late in the third. Broderson was able to hang on at the end, giving the Cyclone’s another win.

184 – #8 Trey Munoz over #5 Marcus Coleman, 8-4

Beavers’ Trey Munoz is back after forfeiting out of the Cliff Keene Invitational, and in a big way. Munoz got the opening takedown, and took Coleman right to his back for a super quick six-point lead. Cyclone’s Marcus Coleman got to his own attacks after the shocking start, and quickly turned the score around to start the second period. Munoz was able to lock Coleman down in the third period, while holding onto a three point lead. The opening flurry got Munoz a huge win at 184-pounds, and proved why he belongs in the top-5 at 184-pounds. 

197 – #2 Yonger Bastida over #13 Tanner Harvey, 3-2

After a scoreless first period, Oregon State’s #13 Tanner Harvey took a 1-0 lead early in the second period. Cyclone’s #2 Yonger Bastida got a big body-lock takedown on the edge of the mat, and after a review it was called a takedown. With the match tied at 2-2 going into the third period, Harvey continued the pressure and almost had the match-winning takedown with seconds to go, but Bastida held on.

285 – #9 Sam Schuyler over Ryan Reyes, 16-4

Beavers’ JJ Dixon was absent for this dual, so Ryan Reyes stepped in at 285-pounds for Oregon State against top-10 ranked opponent Sam Schuyler. After a scoreless first period, Schuyler got to work with a takedown and backpoints, to extend his lead to 5-0 into the third. The weight differential was a big factor of this match, as Reyes only weighed in at 212-pounds.

FINAL: Iowa State over Oregon State, 26-6

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