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#14 Cornell defeats #25 Oregon State Wrestling 32-7 Match Breakdown and Recap


#14 Cornell got their first dual win of the season over #25 Oregon State 32-7 in the second round of the Collegiate Duals. Cornell was able to take a big lead early in the dual, and didn’t look back. 

After a big win, Cornell will take on #7 Iowa State in a much anticipated top-15 matchup in the third round of the Collegiate Duals at 3 p.m. EST.

125 – #21 Brett Ungar over #10 Brandon Kaylor, 3-1

After a scoreless first period, Cornell’s true freshman #21 Brett Ungar scored first after a hard-earned escape to take a 1-0 lead. Beavers’ #10 Brandon Kaylor nearly reached one minute of riding time in the second period, and eventually worked his way to his feet in the third period to tie the match at 1-1. The third period consisted of hand fighting, with both wrestlers unable to score, sending the bout into sudden victory. Ungar blasted in with a great single, lifting up Kaylor and slamming him down for the win at 125-pounds.

133 – #3 Vito Arujau over  #16 Jason Shaner – TF 20-4 

Cornell’s #3 Vito Arujau got to work right away, slamming Shaner on the edge of the mat for a quick takedown. Arujau finished the first period with a tough ride, and started the second period with two quick takedowns and eventually worked Shaner to his back for four backpoints. Arujau put up eight points in nearly :30 seconds, and set the tone for the rest of the match. Arujau dominated on top in the third period, taking Shaner to his back a few times for a tech fall at 133-pounds.

141 – #16 Vince Cornella over Cleveland Belton, 4-2

Cornell’s #16 Vince Cornella blasted in early for a takedown to take the lead, yet Belton got right back up to his feet. Cornella went down to start the second period, and quickly worked to his feet to extend his lead. Belton attempted a gramby roll to escape, but it ended up putting him in bad position as Cornella continued to rack up riding time. Belton eventually worked to his feet to make it 3-2, but couldn’t find an opening to score.

149 – #1 Yianni Diakomihalis over Riley Gurr, Fall

#1 Yianni Diakomihalis scored quickly off a re-attack, and started to run up the score early in the first period. Yianni found a single-leg for another fast takedown, and finished the first period with a tough two minute ride. Yianni started the second period the same, another takedown and two backpoints to go into the third period. Yianni poured it on at the end, and caught Gurr on his back for the fall.

157 – Isaiah Crosby over Colton Yapoujian, 9-2

Oregon State’s Isaiah Crosby scored off a blast double right away, and caught Yapoujian on his back for two backpoints. Crosby continued his explosive offense with another blast double late in the second period, and extended his lead to 6-2 into the third period. Crosby scored once again in the third off a re-attack, and rode out Yapoujian to end the match.

165 – #8 Julian Ramirez over #18 Matthew Olguin, 6-2

Oregon State’s #18 Matthew Olguin started a wild flurry to start the match, but Cornell’s #8 Julian Ramirez stayed in good position and scored the opening takedown. Ramierez found another takedown in the second period, and started to work on top. To start the third period, Ramirez rolled through the mat return and got to his feet to extend his lead. Ramirez was able to keep solid position on the feet, defending off Olguin in the third period.

174 – #6 Chris Foca over Mateo Olmos, Fall

Cornell’s #6 Chris Foca looked unstoppable in his opening bout at the Collegiate Duals over Beavers’ Mateo Olmos. Foca blasted in right away for a takedown, and locked up a tilt for backpoints. That’s when Foca flipped through the tilt, and switched to a headlock to quickly pin Olmos.

184 –  #8 Trey Munoz over Evan Canoyer, 12-3

Oregon State’s #8 Trey Munoz put the pressure on Cornell’s Evan Canoyer right away in the first, causing Canoyer to be called for stalling. Although unable to score, Munoz got to his feet and scored a takedown early in the second period. Munoz started to open up his offense late in the second, scoring off a clean sweep-single for another takedown. Munoz started to pour on the points in the third period, working his way to a major decision for the Beavers.

197 – Jacob Cardenas over  #13 Tanner Harvey, 9-5

Cornell’s Jacob Cardenas got the opening takedown over Oregon State’s #13 Tanner Harvey, as he blasted him out of bounds and scored on the edge of the mat. Cardenas looked super explosive, as he scored on another blast double in the first period. Cardenas’ offense looked really sharp, scoring on his third consecutive shot over Harvey to take a 7-3 lead going into the third period. Cardenas stayed in good position throughout the third period, defending off numerous shots from Harvey, and earned himself a big win over #13 Tanner Harvey.

285 – Brendan Furman over Ryan Reyes, 4-0

After a scoreless first period, Cornell’s Brendan Furman scored first with an escape in the second period. Furman stayed in control the whole match, earning another takedown and a rideout for the victory.

FINAL – Cornell over Oregon State, 32-7

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