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Mizzou vs West Virginia Wrestling Dual Meet Preview

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The Mizzou Tigers will be taking on West Virginia December 2nd at 5:30pm CST. Mizzou comes into this dual meet as a heavy favorite to win and possibly even pitch a shutout over the Mountaineers but we are in for some very exciting matchups.

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Projected Matchups:

125- Noah Surtin vs Killian Cardinale

This is going to be one of the feature matchups for the dual. Looking at their performances Cardinale might have a very slight edge but this match will be fun to watch.

The last and only time these two met on the collegiate scene was back in march of 2021 where Cardinale defeated Surtin 9-4 in the NCAA wrestlebacks. They look to be a lot more on the same level at this point in their careers and it will be interesting to see if Sutin can even the score.

133- Connor Brown vs Davin Rhoads

This should be a pretty dominant win for Brown and maybe even looking to grab a major here for Mizzou.

141- Allan Hart vs Jordan Titus

Allan Hart should have a pretty sizable advantage coming into this match just looking at common opponents. Titus is good and can present a lot of threats but it looks like he will most likely just get overwhelmed by Hart in this match.

149- Brock Mauller vs Joffrey Boyd

This is another match where Mizzou should be looking to pick up bonus points and possibly even a major or tech here if that is possible. Mauller is one of the best guys on their team looking at prior performances and should have no problem getting the job done here.

157- Jarrett Jacques vs Caleb Dowling

Jacques is another solid guy for the Tigers and should have no trouble grabbing the win here, but as far as looking for bonus points go maybe it happens and maybe it doesn’t.

165- Keegan O’Toole vs Peyton Hall

If you are not a fan of either of these two teams there is one match you are looking forward to and it is this one. Yes, Keegan has beaten him every time they have wrestled but looking at those matches the pace they keep through them and the exchanges are spectacular to watch.

Hall is by far the best guy on the West Virginia team as is O’Toole on the Mizzou team so this should be a fun one to watch regardless of the score.

174- Peyton Mocco vs Scott Joll

Mocco comes into this match as a very big favorite over the unranked Joll, he should be looking to grab a major here with no real problem. Mocco will be looking to get himself on to the podium at nationals this year as well.

184- Sean Harman vs Anthony Carman

Probably going to be one of the close bouts of the night but Harman should still come out on top as the winner here. There really are no prior meetings or common opponents to go off of as well.

197- Rocky Elam vs Austin Cooley

Elam has looked phenomenal this season so far, clinching a massive win over Iowa’s national finalist Jacob Warner. Elam has already cemented himself as a contender for the national title this season and honestly just needs to look to dominate as much as he can.

285- Zach Elam vs Michael Wolfgram

Elam has looked solid this season and should have no trouble getting through Wolfgram. He could get a major here but it all really just depends on how he decides to wrestle the match.

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