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NWCA All Star Wrestling Classic Recap


The All Star Classic went down last night and we saw multiple top ranked matchups go down. Some of them went exactly the way we thought they would, some were absolute blowouts, and even a couple upsets.

Ful Recap:

Patrick McKee (Minnesota) pin Kysen Terukina (Iowa State)

This match was a complete outmatch in all honesty. Terukina is good and if he shows up in March may have the ability to establish himself as an All American contender but this match really should not have happened.

Lucas Byrd (illinois) dec Michael McGee (Arizona St) 3-2

This win by Byrd was probably a little over exaggerated like an upset just based on his loss to Jesse Mendez as the Michigan State Open. Byrd got a takedown early in the match and McGee had a very close attempt to the takedown but time ran out.

Byrd hangs on to get the 3-2 win here. Not too surprising this match could have went either way.

Will Lewan (Michigan) dec Bryce Andonian (Virginia Tech) 3-1

Pretty much expected here, Lewan is solid and once he gets a lead in the match he does not need to do much to maintain it. Andonian got shut down here and Lewan’s early double won him the match.

Rocky Elam (Mizzou) dec Jacob Warner (Iowa) 8-6 SV

Would have put this down as a toss up from the start even though a lot of people looked at this like an easy win for Warner. Elam’s offense won him the match here, but on the other side of that argument his match iq might have also almost lost him the match giving up two late takedowns to Warner to send it to OT.

Greg Kerkvliet (Penn State) dec Tony Cassioppi (Iowa) 8-5

Kerk finally gets past Cassioppi, it really was not a surprise it was just a matter if he could actually get it done. Kerk pretty much outclasses everyone at this weight class on the feet when it comes to leg attacks.

This match really wasn’t to close, the reversal from Cassioppi with short time in the 2nd period made the score seem much closer.

The big question now is can Kerkvliet get pat Schultz.

Sydnee Kimber VPO Kelani Corbett 6-0

Nothing much to say here except great match for Kimber, converted her attacks well and defense was on point the entire match with no real threat of getting scored on.

Yelena Makoyed VSU Jessie Lee 10-0

Jessie Lee is good but Makoyed is on another level competing on the world stage even winning a couple of tournaments already. This was routine work here for her and she came away with the quick tech.

Aaron Brooks (Penn State) dec Parker Keckeisen (Northern Iowa) 12-8

Keckeisen is very good, and that was possibly the craziest thing about the match with how Brooks put on a takedown clinic. Keep in mind Keckeisen is the number 2 guy in the country and this match has typically been very close.

Andrew Alirez (Northern Colorado) dec Cole Matthews (Pitt) 4-2 SV

Alirez was the aggressor and won the match here. However this could really go either way come future matchups being that if Matthews can get a counter off he will probably win.

Adaugo Nwachukwu VPO Alara Boyd 6-0

Just a solid controlled win for Nwachukwu here over a very good competitor in Boyd.

Emily Shilson VPO1 Peyton Prussin 8-4

Honestly expected this match to end in a tech for Shilson but Prussin impressed here keeping to a criteria loss before a big 4 pointer for Shilson at the end of the match to widen the gap.

David Carr (Iowa State) dec Quincy Monday (Princeton) 2-1

Nothing much here expect Carr getting the riding time point. Pretty much how I expected this match to end, either someone gets ridden or it goes to sudden victory or rideouts.

Keegan O’Toole (Mizzou) dec Dean Hamiti (Wisconsin) 7-1

Dean Hamiti is good but O’Toole showed why he is a national champ outwrestling the Badger in every single position to a clinical 7-1 victory.

Austin Gomez (Wisconsin) dec Sammy Sasso (Ohio State) 10-9

This was a very interesting match to say the least. Gomez was down for pretty much the entirety of the match but stormed back late with 3 takedowns in like 30 seconds to grab the 10-9 win in absolute insanity.

Carter Starocci (Penn State) dec Mekhi Lewis (Virginia Tech) 2-0

Went kind of as expected for me except Starocci was not able to secure any takedowns. That being said Mekhi got zero offense going and Starocci was the aggressor the entire time, and like he said gas tank looked to play a part in this.

I would say this is definitely more dominant than the score shows.

What was your favorite match? Leave a comment below.

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