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How Should 149 Pounds Be Ranked

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The season just started and we already have many upsets going down with the most notable one being Wisconsin’s Austin Gomez taking out 3x National Champion and World Silver Medalist Yianni Diakomihalis. When you talk about rankings it should be simple, just move Gomez to number 1 and Yianni to number 2. However Gomez just lost to an unranked freshman a week prior and this is where the madness begins.

149 Pound Podium in 2022-

1st- Yianni Diakomihalis (Cornell)

2nd- Ridge Lovett (Nebraska)

3rd- Bryce Andonian (Virginia Tech)

4th- Austin Gomez (Wisconsin)

5th- Sammy Sasso (Ohio State)

6th- John Millner (App State)

7th- Tariq Wilson (NC State)

8th- Kyle Parco (Arizona State)

From those 8 guys mentioned above only 5 of them are competing this season at 149 pounds. Out of those 5 only 1 of them has an undefeated record so far this season which is insane.

Brock Mauller of Mizzou is a name that needs to be brought into the conversation being a previous All American but redshirting last year.


Yianni Diakomihalis was upset by Austin Gomez 9-3 at the Cornell vs Wisconsin dual meet.

Austin Gomez was upset by Paniro Johnson 9-4 at the Iowa State vs Wisconsin dual meet.

Brock Mauller was upset by Kyle Parco 3-2 at the Arizona State vs Mizzou dual meet.

Sammy Sasso was upset by upset by Caleb Henson 5-3 in sudden victory at the Ohio State vs Virginia Tech dual meet.

Caleb Henson was upset by Doug Zapf 7-5 in sudden victory at the Keystone Classic.

John Millner defeated Doug Zapf 5-2 in the finals of the Keystone Classic to remain undefeated on the year.

Undefeated Wrestlers-

Right now at this point in the season there are 3 notable wrestlers at the weight that have an undefeated record.

1- John Millner (App State)

2- Max Murin (Iowa)

3- Yayha Thomas (Northwestern)

What Does This Mean-

This in theory will make a difference in the rankings when comparing guys like Brock Mauller and Kyle Parco to Max Murin and Yayha Thomas when those guys were not All Americans this past year.

How Should It Be Ranked-

Looking at the weight class a win over Yianni Diakomihalis has to mean the most considering he has not lost since December of 2017. That would mean that Austin Gomez should overtake the number one spot in the rankings.

Yianni Diakomihalis will default to the number two spot here being that you would have to beat him in order to pass him in the rankings assuming he does not go out and drop another loss this season.

At number 3 the ranking in theory would either go to John Millner of Appalachian State or Paniro Johnson of Iowa State but looking at how Johnson went to sudden victory against Grand View and had other close matches against not great opponents the edge would go to Millner for his undefeated record and two All American finishes at the national tournament.

Paniro Johnson here would default to number 4 in the rankings, however this could be argued that Brock Mauller and Kyle Parco could surpass him here.

Kyle Parco would be in the rankings followed by Brock Mauller afterwards. Sasso does have a win over Parco last year at the national tournament but looking at his loss to Caleb Henson he would have to be pushed back in the rankings giving Parco and Mauller the 5th and 6th spot respectively.

After this we have two options which would be Max Murin of Iowa or Doug Zapf of Penn. Zapf just beat Henson at the Keystone Classic but dropped to Millner in the finals of the same tournament. Murin is undefeated and has looked good so far but he has an 8-1 loss to Millner at the national tournament essentially being the tiebreaker here for me. That being said Zapf and Murin take the 7th and 8th spots respectively.

Sasso and Henson round out the top ten here and you could argue that Sasso has a win over Murin but with that being said Sasso losing to Henson and having Henson lose soon after is a big detriment to him. Henson would grab the 9th spot and Sasso number 10 on the rankings.

Yayha Thomas can be thrown it at number 11 in theory but he has nothing to compare to here really.


1- Austin Gomez (Wisconsin)

2- Yianni Diakomihalis (Cornell)

3- John Millner (App State)

4- Paniro Johnson (Iowa State)

5- Kyle Parco (Arizona State)

6- Brock Mauller (Mizzou)

7- Doug Zapf (UPenn)

8- Max Murin (Iowa)

9- Caleb Henson (Virginia Tech)

10- Sammy Sasso (Ohio State)

11- Yayha Thomas (Northwestern)

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