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2023 Wrestling World Championships Host Site Has Been Chosen


The 2023 Wrestling World Championships will be held in Belgrade, Serbia. For the second year in a row Belgrade will be the host city of the World Championships.

This has brought in a few mixed responses from people, some happy about the choice, some that did not like it and wanted it to be in a place where more fans could enjoy the event, and some didn’t seem to care at all.

Originally announced by United World Wrestling earlier today.

The 2023 World Championships will be one to watch with Jordan Burroughs possibly going for his 8th gold medal which would tie him with guys like Sergei Beloglazov, Arsen Fadzaev, and Valentin Yordanov.

Kyle Dake and Kyle Snyder will both be looking for their 5th gold medals at this event. From what has been said so far it seems like Russia and Belarus being at the World Championships is yet to be confirmed or denied.

Internationally Sadulaev, Sidakov, and Uguev would be looking for their 8th and 4th golds respectively should they be allowed to compete.

Regardless of the host site for the World Championships it should be a good event nonetheless, however with the fan turnout for the event last year hopefully we see a big turn around on that for this event.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
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