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David Taylor Vs Hassan Yazdani V Is Set For The World Finals

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This is the match that pretty much everyone expected to happen in the finals. Yazdani finally got revenge over Taylor this past year in the World Finals to pick up his 3rd world title and 4th gold medal. Taylor leads the series 3-1 and will look to add a 4th win over the Olympic Champ to his resume.

The past 2 matches have been very close as Taylor won with a late comeback to take Olympic Gold and Hassan Yazdani took the world finals 6-2 the same year.

Both of these two guys have teched their way into the world finals and have not let up a single point.


2017 World Cup- Taylor VFA Yazdani

2018 Worlds- Taylor VPO1 Yazdani 11-6

2020 Olympics- Taylor VPO1 Yazdani 4-3

2021 Worlds- Yazdani VPO1 Taylor 6-2

This next match will be the one that determines if Yazdani has truly grown past Taylor or if last year was just a fluke. If Taylor takes a 4th one in the rivalry there is probably no chance at this rate that Yazdani can even it out and take the lead before Taylor announced retirement.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
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