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Brayden Thompson Eliminated From Junior World Championships


Final Score- Bekir Ovec VPO1 Brayden Thompson 2-1

Match Overview-

Thompson (USA) vs Ovec (TUR)

Thompson gets in on a left side single leg but cannot finish it as Ovec looks to cut the corner. Thompson unable to score on the shot clock and Ovec takes a 1-0 lead with 30 seconds left in the first period.

We head into the break 1-0 in favor of Ovec with the only point scored off the shot clock.

Ovec continues to control the center of the mat and the hand fight and gets Thompson put on the shot clock once again. Thompson unable to score on the clock and Ovec will extend his lead to 2-0 with 1:40 left in the bout.

Passivity called on Ovec and he is put on the shot clock this time around. Seems complacent not to score and Thompson gets his first point of the match. Score 2-1 Ovec

Thompson charges late but to no avail. Ovec will move forward to the bronze medal bout and Thompson has been eliminated from the tournament.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
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