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Alex Facundo Falls In Opening Round Of Junior World Championships


Alex Facundo falls to Erfan Elahi of Iran in a very close match of the opening round in the junior world championships.

Match Overview-

Elahi would find his way to double underhooks and work for the pushout point taking the lead 1-0

Facundo would counter a somewhat head pinch attempt and score the two point exposure to take the lead 2-1

Elahi gets in on a single and works to the feet, finishes and takes back the lead with the takedown 3-2

Elahi would get a snap down and run the corner to a single which he would be able to finish to score his second takedown of the bout and extend his lead 5-2

Facundo able to score off of a nice duck and start closing the with Elahi leading 5-4 now

Facundo takes a shot with 20 seconds left but Elahi is able to get to his underhook and run out the time knocking off Facundo 5-4

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
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