Mizzou Outlook For The 2022-23 Season


Mizzou has been one of the teams going under the radar as far as attention goes. With all the buzz being about Penn State, Iowa, and Michigan last season Mizzou did not get in the spotlight at all, however some big things are in store for this program.

Keegan O’Toole-

People had some questions on if O’Toole would actually get it done and those were answered. With the possibility of becoming a 4x National Champ he has a bright future in the sport at the college level and has done good for himself already on the freestyle scene wining a Junior World Title.

Rocky & Zach Elam-

Rocky is a Junior World Champ and Zach is a Silver Medalist. Zach finished in the blood round twice falling to only Tony Cassioppi this season which is what it is, a lot of big things in store for him as he looks to get on the podium for the first time as Mizzou is looking for some big performances to get a trophy.

Rocky has been a staple at 197 and all he really needs to do is have that one break out and he could very well be standing at the top of the podium at the end of next year. Rocky has a few more years and will have to get through AJ Ferrari and Max Dean if he wants to get it done next season.

Noah Surtin-

Solid for the Tigers last season, fell to Kaylor from Oregon State in the blood round but looking at the future of the weight he should have no trouble getting on that podium next season. Definitely has the potential to break into the top 6.

Jeremiah Kent-

If he decides to come back next season he will definitely be looking to get on the podium since a couple top guys at 184 are out of the mix. Definitely a solid contributor for the Tigers last season.

Peyton Mocco-

Another guy who will be looking to get on the podium next season. Solid performance at the Southern Scuffle, just happens to be that 174 was a crazy deep weight class and it was rough.

Allan Hart-

Fell earlier than he should have at the NCAA Tournament but with a good portion of the field at 141 leaving there is definitely a chance for a top 3 finish from Hart and possibly a win should something big happen.

Brock Mauller-

2x All American for the Tigers and took a redshirt this season. Whether he ends up at 149 or 157 next season I could not tell you. He looked solid at the Scuffle at 157. He will most likely be on the lineup no matter which weight he goes.

Jarrett Jaques-

0-2 at nationals this past season but there is definitely some room for growth in terms of scoring team points. An All American finish might be a little bit out there but winning a couple of matches is definitely in the realm of possibility.

Trey Crawford-

10-10 this past season. Nothing really we can say on this being that he did not wrestle at nationals. Definitely has the potential to do some big things but there is quite a bit to prove should he get the starting spot next season.

Josh Edmond-

0-2 at nationals but honestly looking at the draws he pulled with Josh Heil and Jaden Abas that did not do him any justice. He can definitely make a push to win a few matches at nationals next season but this was a very impressive season 17-11 and he has 3 more years left.

Probable Lineup For Next Season-

125- Noah Surtin

133- Trey Crawford

141- Allan Hart

149- Josh Edmond / Brock Mauller

157- Jarrett Jaques / Brock Mauller

165- Keegan O’Toole

174- Peyton Mocco

184- Jeremiah Kent

197- Rocky Elam

285- Zach Elam

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
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