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Iowa All Decade Team

Photo: Tony Rotundo

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Since the last post about the Penn State all decade team did so well I guess we are going to do an Iowa all decade team. Again 2012-2022 so the selections might be a quite bit limited.


Spencer Lee, well yeah the pretty obvious one as he will be going for his 4th national title next year and most likely put himself up on a list with names like Cael Sanderson and Kyle Dake. Even if he does not win next season that would not really change who I put at this spot. It comes to a point where if we are going solely off of collegiate accolades Spencer Lee might be at the top of this list all time for the Hawkeyes at 125.


Cory Clark, yeah I probably expect a lot of Desanto comments on this one haha but Cory Clark was phenomenal in his time at Iowa and definitely left a lasting legacy at 133 pounds for the Hawkeyes claiming a national title in 2017 and making a national finals in 2016 as well.


Montell Marion, this man would have went down as possibly one of the all time greatest collegiate wrestlers if it were not for Kyle Dake and Kellen Russell being his opponents in the two national finals that he made. He was just a phenomenal wrestler all around and it was def hard to put him above Jaydin Eierman.

I think we have to talk about Eierman here and why Montell was about him. Mainly for the sole fact that Eierman is a transfer and did not wrestle his entire career at Iowa, and also Montell making more national finals. I won’t hold Eierman’s nationals performance this year against him just cause he was injured bad.


Brandon Sorensen, with Brent Metcalf being just before the all decade team it was between Sorensen and Lugo and I would assume most people pick Sorensen in this scenario. 4x All American and a national finalist, who knows where his legacy would stand today if he was not in the same weight class of Zain Retherford who is one of the most dominant collegiate wrestlers of all time.


Derek St. John, I think St. John is a universal pick here as he was dominant his entire career winning a national title in 2013. Again just like Montell Marion he ran into Kyle Dake in the national finals which is never fun and he ran into David Taylor a couple times as well.


Alex Marinelli, as much as some people want to talk down on his career and say he could not get it done, it is pretty clear that he is still up here on the list with what he has done. I might be a little biased on this pick but I would still keep Marinelli on here.


Michael Kemerer, for as long as he has been at the Iowa program he has made a great impact, maybe did not end off his career the way he would have liked to but at the end of the day a great career nonetheless.


Sammy Brooks, the infamous mullet. Brooks did some great things for the Hawkeyes in his time there racking up a couple Big Ten titles and All American finishes. With all that is going on social media with Bo Nickal people tend to forget how good he actually was during his time.


Jacob Warner, before this season I feel like it would have been up for discussion on who was the guy here but after this season and Warner finally proving he could be that guy and wrestle strong in the postseason I feel like he has earned this spot on the list. 4x All American and a national finalist.


Tony Cassioppi, I think everyone is somewhat evenly matched at this weight class with Sam Stoll, Tony Cassioppi, and Bobby Telford in terms of accolades in college. I would give this to Cassioppi because I feel he is the better wrestler and in a harder weight class with guys like Gable Steveson, Cohlton Schultz, and Mason Parris. He won a U23 World Title this off season which I feel really solidifies him here.

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