Top 10 Matches To Watch This Week


With the Big Ten dual season going on there is no shortage of premiere matchups that are going on. We have put together a list of the top ten matches that you should be looking out for. Here is the full breakdown of these top ten matches (no particular order) and where to watch them!


Aaron Brooks vs John Poznanski

Max Dean vs Greg Bulsak

Travis Wittlake vs Peyton Hall

Ryan Deakin vs Kaleb Young

#10 Gable Steveson vs Christian Lance (January 14th)

Of course who does not want to watch the Olympic Champion wrestle. Some big matches coming up for the Gophers against Nebraska and Wisconsin so it only makes sense that Gable Steveson will go out for these matches. This match may not be too close in score with Gable getting the technical fall last time they competed but it is not one that you want to miss!

Where to watch: Big Ten Network on TV (you can also go to Fox live TV and watch on a computer, laptop, or phone if you connect your TV provider)

#9 Gable Steveson vs Trent Hillger (January 16th)

Well, we get to see Gable in action twice this week should he wrestle. He will face 3x All American Trent Hillger who he has previously had meetings with and most of them ending in a major decision for Gable. Probably more entertaining of a match in this one compared to Lance but only for the fact that the previous times they have wrestled Hillger seems to just go full send against Steveson.

Where to watch: Big Ten+

#8 Micky Phillippi vs Michael McGee (January 14th)

Should be another fun one here. Phillippi only has two losses on the season, one to Lucas Byrd of Illinois and another to Hines of Lehigh with a last second defensive pin. McGee has been on a roll lately as he beat Ragusin of Michigan 10-0 recently looking unstoppable.

Where to watch: ESPN+

#7 Tony Cassioppi vs Lucas Davison (January 14th)

If you did not see the best of three series between these two that is a must watch. Cassioppi ended up coming out on top in match 3 and went on to win U23 Worlds. Hopefully this match lives up to the hype. Both of these guys just wrestled Gable Steveson last week. Cassioppi lost 17-7 and Davison lost 13-4 so hopefully this is a good match and everything is pointing to it.

Where to watch: Big Ten+

#6 Jake Wentzel vs Anthony Valencia (January 14th)

This should be a good match overall. National Finialist Jake Wentzel and Anthony Valencia who some would say was the favorite to win the title last season will be squaring off. Should be interesting but Valencia is the clear favorite here.

Where to watch: ESPN+

#5 Lucas Byrd vs Austin Desanto (January 16th)

This match may go under the radar a little bit and get overlooked but Byrd in his last match against Desanto lost by only a single point. If Byrd can change some things up and make a couple adjustments it may be a different story this time. However that being said Desanto has looked solid this season so it should be a very fun match.

Where to watch: Big Ten Network

#4 Michael DeAugustino vs Drake Ayala (January 14th)

Both of these guys are on fire at this time. If this match lives up to the hype it may just be the best one of the season, DeAugustino coming off wins over McKee and Barnett. Ayala getting his redshirt pulled but getting a win over Schroder this will be a good one and you are not going to want to miss it.

Where to watch: Big Ten+

#3 Stephen Buchanan vs Yonger Bastida (January 14th)

Both of these guys have looked fantastic this season. Bastida just came on the scene after moving to the USA just a little over a year ago. He took out #3 Jacob Warner of Iowa already and will be looking to add to that resume. Buchanan has done amazing in his own right as he defeated Eric Schultz of Nebraksa in the CKLV finals along with Patrick Brucki along the way.

Where to watch: FloWrestling

#2 Brandon Courtney vs Patrick Glory (January 16th)

We all know this is going to be a massive match if it does happen. Courtney finished 2nd last season, and Glory is ranked 2nd at the time being. Of course this match favors Glory massively but to say that a Courtney win is out of the question the way he has been wrestling would not be too smart.

Where to watch: ESPN+

#1 Nick Lee vs Sebastian Rivera (January 16th)

No surprise here that this is the match to watch. The previous two matches between these two were fireworks when they happened. Nick Lee ended up coming out on top both times and the first match at the big ten tournament was one to remember with Lee squeaking out the 8-6 win with one second left in sudden victory. Sebastian Rivera is one of three wrestlers to still have a 100% bonus rate so it should be interesting to see what happens.

Where to watch: ESPN

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