Hawkeye Wrestling Club President Threatens Pat Mineo


Well yeah this happened. It is not secret that Iowa does not like Pat Mineo and it is pretty much common knowledge in the wrestling community that they have this disdain for each other and this has lasted for a while now.

Pat recently became a donor for the Hawkeye Wrestling Club and posted about this via Twitter. As you can tell by the title they did not take kindly to this and the president of the club Brad Eldeen owner of Brad Eldeen Logistics Inc. went out of his way to screen shot Pat Mineo’s tweet and post it with a response.

This response from Eldeen read “With great power comes great responsibility. Surely he realizes I now have his address and phone #?”

This response caused a few mixed reactions. As we said before the Iowa wrestling fanbase is not too fond of Pat Mineo so some of them took it as a joke but on the other hand this is the president of your club tweeting something like this at a man. A good amount of reactions have been negatively based taking it as a threat which it essentially was saying he had his address and phone number.

This is the tweet that was sent in response to Pat Mineo tweeting that he had become a donor for the Hawkeye Wrestling Club. The first tweet below is the one that Mineo released about becoming a donor and the second one is his response to the threat he received from the President Brad Eldeen

As this situation has happened you can only assume that the Hawkeyes are going crazy over this. You would be correct as Pat Mineo is pretty much at the top of the Hawkeye report with a thread about him having 7k views and 34 comments. This thread was made 10:27pm last night.

This is as far as the situation has gone so far and it seems to be still going on in the Hawkeye Report. Should anything happen with this updates will be posted.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
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