Rider vs Princeton & NC State Cancelled/Postponed

Photo: Tony Rotundo


So, the bad new continues. Rider vs NC State has been officially cancelled and with no chance of rescheduling due to Covid-19 concerns. The Princeton dual is not too bad and they are working on rescheduling this which should be very possible with both of the schools in New Jersey.

So far this is all they have said with a tweet and a quick 100 words article on their website but from what we have heard the looks of rescheduling seems to be going decent.

There were a couple good matches to go down in these duals such as Pat Glory vs Jakob Camacho and Trent Hidlay vs Travis Stefanik. Other than that there is nothing based on ranking implications that we will be missing out on.

Rider will have a dual meet scheduled on January 21st against Cleveland State which should be a pretty easy win there. Princeton will be back in action on the 16th vs Arizona State which is also somewhat unlikely since Arizona State just had to pull out of the Iowa State dual due to Covid-19 tracing. NC State will be facing Virginia Tech on the 21st and that should be a very good dual should it go down.

This along with the Arizona State vs Iowa State dual seem to be the only major division 1 wrestling duals to be shut down. If anything else develops updates will be made.

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