Arizona State vs Michigan Dual Down To 4 Matches


The Arizona St vs Michigan dual meet was very highly anticipated but now that has all essentially gone down the drain for the most part. Due to Covid and protocols the dual meet will not be run in a traditional style and only 4 matches will take place.

These matches include Brandon Courtney vs Jack Medley, Michael McGee vs Dylan Ragusin, Julian Chlebove vs Stevan Micic, and Josh Nummer vs Myles Amine.

Even with some of the bigger matches such as Cohlton Schultz vs Mason Parris not being held it still sets up a decently good dual meet with what they have left. McGee vs Ragusin should be a good match, and it will be fun to see Micic and Amine in action as they are both Olympians.

The “dual meet” will still be streamed on Flowrestling as expected but it will be down to these four matches. They did not say how team score will work but we can only assume that will not be a thing here.

More updates will come as they are received.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
Senior Editor for Heavyweight Nation

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