2022 Southern Scuffle Finals Recap



Patrick McKee wins by MFF over Killian Cardinale


Rayvon Foley wins by decision over Aaron Nagao in the finals 2-0. Crazy bout with good actions and many scrambles. Both of these guys defense was very good and prevalent throughout the bout came down to Nagao not being able to get out from bottom in the third period and Foley picked up riding time for the 2-0 win


Real Woods took out Allan Hart 4-0. Very controlled bout and Woods seemed to dominate this match from the neutral position even though no takedowns were scored. Allan went for a risky move on bottom and ended up paying the price for with my a 2 point near fall essentially wrapping up the win for Woods in the finals.


Josh Finesilver took out Josh Edmond in the finals by score of 11-10. This bout was wild with insane scoring both ways but Finesilver was able to slow it down in the end to get the win. By far one of the better out of these crazy bouts throughout the night.


Jared Franek showed out big time here in his win over Chase Saldate. He stayed poised and was able to get in on two very solid takedowns and shut down a late surge from Saldate in the third period to claim a southern scuffle title.


Keegan O’Toole is just that good. Peyton Hall looked amazing this entire tournament and even scored the opening takedown. O’Toole dominated the match and ended up winning 13-4 this match. There is not much to say he did what he came to do and hopefully we can see him against one of the tier one guys soon enough.


Cade DeVos came up clutch late in the match against Peyton Mocco. The match had a flurry in the first period that ended up scoreless. In the third period DeVos found his way to an attack and was able to capitalize and hold off Mocco in the final 30 seconds of the third period to win the match 3-2


I said that Maryland may have something special with Kyle Cochran. I was indeed correct wow this dude is tough. He defeated Jonathan Loew 4-1 in the finals of the southern scuffle. With Cochran and Sandoval on this team now Marylan is looking to make some moves come the near future and it will be very interesting to see.


Michael Beard got injured and MFF to Rocky Elam


Wow, Wyatt Hendrickson is insane. He bonused his way through the entire competition and pinned Lewis Fernandes of Cornell in the finals in just 1:33. He is on something different this season and he will be someone to watch.

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