Nick Suriano Announces Transfer To Michigan


Wow, just about 30 min ago 2019 National Champion Nick Suriano announced his commitment for what seems to be his final year in college. He started off at Penn State as a freshman where he picked up some big wins and went toe to toe with Thomas Gilman only losing 3-2. The next couple seasons he was back home in New Jersey for Rutgers and he made the NCAA Finals where he fell to Spencer Lee in 2018. The next season also the last we have seen of Suriano was in 2019 where he decided to move up to 133 pounds and that paid off. He took out Stevan Micic, Ethan Lizak, and Daton Fix en route to one of the best National Title runs of that year.

This is where things start to get a little crazy. Suriano along with a bunch of others took Olympic Redshirts in 2020. For the ones who did it paid off very well being that the NCAA Tournament was cancelled. Now so were the Olympics in 2020 which rendered both sides of this somewhat useless to an extent being that they were not training for anything. In 2021 it was announced that NCAA athletes would have a free year to make up for the prior season. Suriano did not take that and entered the transfer portal to where most people thought he would end up being Arizona State. He practiced at the Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club to prepare for the 2021 World Team trials after he was not allowed to participate in the Olympic Trials due to a Covid-19 test. At the 2021 World Team trials he was up at 61kg and lost first round 3-0 to Nathan Tomasello who eventually lost to Daton Fix in the finals who made his 2nd World Team.

Suriano announced a while back that he would come back to the college wrestling scene. Many people were unsure of where he would commit to and rightfully so. Suriano ended up committing to the University of Michigan. This seemingly looks like a good choice. It has been said that if he is coming back to college it is going to be to right all his wrongs before he goes. There is one loss that he had that he still has the chance to redeem and that is the 2018 NCAA Finals against Spencer Lee. Michigan is stacked in the lower weights with Stevan Micic and Dylan Ragusin. With the addition of Nick Suriano this team could cause some issues if they start to catch fire.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
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