Penn State To Make Debut Vs Sacred Heart and Oregon State


Penn State has consistently been one of the best if not the best team in college wrestling for over a decade now. The Nittany Lions recently just made a big addition to the squad bringing in former Northwestern assistant coach Jimmy Kennedy. You can read more about that below if you would like.

This may not be the toughest matches of the season for Penn State however they have some ranked guys in those lineups and it should be a good way to see where they stand before the important duals come up such as Michigan, Ohio State, and Iowa. Penn State is returning with 4 Nationals Champions in Roman Bravo-Young, Nick Lee, Carter Starocci, and Aaron Brooks. They are also bringing back All American Greg Kerkvliet, and Cornell National Finalist Max Dean.

They should be looking at a couple easy and dominant wins tonight of Sacred Heart and Oregon State but they are still quality D1 competition either way. Some big things Penn State will be looking for this season and during this meet is who is the best option for 125 at the moment. With Howard the clear favorite out of these guys but still recovering from surgery it falls down to who would most likely be Brandon Merideth who got a good amount of starts in the 2020 season when NCAA was cancelled.

Another big component that Penn State will need to find is some of their best guys such as Roman Bravo-Young and Carter Starocci need to find a way to put up more bonus points. Yes they are the best in the country at their weight but at the end of the day you need to find a way to bump the team points up any way you can. A major vs a decision could very well make the difference for the number 1 spot at Big Tens and NCAAs.

Overall this will be a solid test starting off for the Nittany Lions and they will be projected to go 2-0 this weekend.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
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