Ohio State Wrestler Anthony Echemendia Arrested


Ohio State 141 pound wrestler Anthony Echemendia was arrested on Tuesday and charged with Felonious Assault.

Anthony Echemendia as a good amount of you already know was a very big pick up for the Ohio State Buckeyes and he came on to the scene first when he dominated at Fargo. He ended up losing the wrestle off to Dylan D’Emilio and again this season becoming essentially a 3rd string wrestler for the Buckeyes.

The warrant for Echemendia’s arrest was issued on Monday and he was taken into custody on Tuesday. His arraignment is scheduled for 9am this Friday. Echemendia reportedly “knowingly caused serious physical harm to another (His Wife) … by means of grabbing her by the neck w/ both hands, depleting her of air, rendering her unconscious.” (Source ElevenWarriors)

Not much is to be known about the rest of the case yet or if there is any. Ohio State’s athletic department said “They were aware of the situation” but they declined to comment any further on the situation. Whether Echemendia will remain on the Ohio State wrestling roster or not is unknown at this point.

More updates to follow after all is known on the case after the arraignment at 9am on Friday.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
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