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Tony Cassioppi’s incredible off season transformation


Tony Cassioppi has been a staple at the 285lb weight class for as long as he has been in college and this is only going to be his 4th year… as a sophomore. Mostly been referred to as “Big Tony” which made sense with him being an absolute unit and bodying people with his nasty snatch since and very well developed top offense.

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Tony Cassioppi this off-season has made some big strides and knocked off some big names in the weight class. Just in the last NCAA season alone he defeated 130kg World Team Member Cohlton Schultz in the 3/4th place match. He defeated Greg Kerkvliet who was top 6 at the Olympic Trials at 125kg. He also had probably the biggest win of his career so far as he upset Dom Bradley at senior nationals en route to a second place finish only falling to 2x World Medalist Nick Gwiazdowski.

Will Cassioppi get over the hump and secure himself a spot across from Gable Steveson in the Big Ten and NCAA finals or will the other guys catch up to him? Only time will tell.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
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